11 Cosy Dining Nooks that Won’t Make You Miss a Full Dining Set

Who needs a full-fledged dining set when you have these quaint and cosy dining nooks? These ideas work well with smaller households, in families that don’t do a lot of eating in, or if you just don’t have a lot of space to play with. From wall-mounted bar booths to slide-out countertops, you will definitely want to pull up a chair to these tables.

1. Couched behind

dining nook

Positioned just behind the couch, this royal blue dining nook stands out from the neutral-hued space whilst mirroring the wall behind it. Fluted details lend interest. Pro tip: You’ll want to design this slightly raised so that there’s a visual difference between the living area and the dining spot.

Design: D’Marvel Scale

2. Flip it up

small space dining nook

Narrow space? No problem. Consider this flip-up dining table that can be flipped back down after meals so that it takes up only the most minimal of spaces.

Design: Hoft Interior

3. Rounded end

bto dining nook kitchen island

Ooh, we really like this one. This round dining table joins together with the kitchen island at one of its corners. It helps to offset the edges and lines in the space, while minimising the footprint it takes up.

Design: Notion of W

4. Sleek and Slide

dining nook ideas

Extending out from the TV feature wall in the living room, this dining banquette comes with a sliding tabletop that is able to accommodate a more generous dining space when needed.

Design: Free Space Intent

5. A hint of nostalgia

If we could crush on dining nooks, this one will be on the top of our list with its emerald green seating, feature wall made up of mustard tiles and the fluted table stand. The colour scheme leans towards retro, but the silhouettes are definitely timeless enough.

Design: Monocot

6. Green spot

A burst of greenery peeks out from this wall-mounted bar table, lending a refreshing touch to this clean, contemporary space. The addition of the decals and the typography enhance this dining nook’s young and fun vibe.

Design: Wolf Woof

7. Option to swivel

Another savvy space-saving dining nook that can be swung out during mealtimes! Positioned within the TV feature, it’s a major bonus for folks who like having dinner in front of the telly.

Design: Hello Embryo

8. Glide away

With the ability to glide back and forth from the built-in storage piece it is attached to, this dining table offers more flexibility in terms of seating and the usage of space.

Design: D’Marvel Scale

9. Pull-out table

Pull out the sides of this kitchen peninsula to reveal a petite dining table just for two. And you don’t even need special counter-height dining chairs for it since the pull-out tabletop is designed at a lower height.

Design: Wolf Woof

10. By extension

The kitchen counter was extended all the way into the living room in this small condominium, accommodating an extra area for a cosy dining nook. Sliding panels underneath the dining counter offer storage for serving ware.

Design: Habit

11. Island life

To incorporate a casual dining spot and a home bar, the marble-grain kitchen island was combined with a wood tabletop. The amalgamation of the two materials not only lends visual interest, but also helps to contrast the functions of the space.

Design: Design Zage

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