33 Beached Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Mark Lohman Photo

Over the years, most homeowners opt for a beach themed bedroom when they are decorating vacation houses. However, a lot of people nowadays are looking into having this kind of interior when they want to create a more relaxing feeling at home. Alongside spa-like interiors, a beach bedroom can also have a peaceful and tranquil vibe if you will be able to maintain the right amount of frills that you will put into your room.

A beach house bedroom usually creates a feeling of calmness that is why a lot of people want to recreate it for their own homes. What you need to learn is to get the right pieces that will work for your bedroom. Being careful when incorporating your own personal touch can make the difference, doing this theme right will need a mindful use of what can be considered suffocating decors. The right display of shells, ropes and ship decor collections will  create that perfect theme you always wanted.

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Tara Massouleh

Not going all out with the accessories and getting the right hints of a nautical theme into your interior makes it more classic and aesthetically pleasing.


Linen and Leaf

When you put less ornaments, the mood can be very relaxing and refreshing. This wide bedroom with huge windows and amazing views proves it.


Pacific Dimensions

Deciding on the color tones and keeping it faithful to the theme is what makes a room cohesive. Stick to the theme like this great bedroom design.


Inspired By This

Aquamarine and sea themed design pieces go along well with the beach theme. Adding texture on your rugs will complete the look you want to create.


Pottery Barn Teen

Putting up a couple of framed underwater or beach photos that compliments your bedspread can create the desired relaxing feel into your room.


Breakwater Bay Furniture

This beach bedroom’s focal point all focused on the wall above the headboard but it still does not scream of excessiveness. Try it for yourself too!


Style at Home

A creative mix of some accents and furniture along with great looking paintings creates an atmosphere that you will look for when you want to unwind.


House of Turquoise

Getting accessories and painting your walls with beach colors that will perfectly suit your bedroom will have the calming effect of your sea themed room.


Simple Shapes

Shiplap boards with mixed beach colors for bedroom walls create a mood that you always get in relaxing cottages and summer houses. You can give it a try!


Pottery Barn Teen

Understanding why a surfer likes playing with the waves all day will definitely give you this paradise of a bedroom, all comfortable and relaxing.

How to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom

The usual interest in creating a beach theme bedroom is because of the reflective feeling that the beach usually invokes. This kind of atmosphere alone is the best reason why you want to try it as a bedroom interior inspiration. Aside from just relying on the accessories there are also a lot of other ways for your bedroom to completely reflect the beach.

Color Palette

The best aspect of choosing a beach interior design for your bedroom is the color palette that you can actually choose from when you decide to repaint your walls. Since the beach is always associated with the sun’s warmth, the cool breeze of wind and the relaxing feel of the sand on one’s feet, you can recreate this environment by using the colors that would invoke the said elements. 

Choosing a color palette for your sea themed bedroom needs to reflect the colors that we usually associate it with, that is why you need to work with the cool colors of blue and white as base. If you don’t want to stay with having a monochromatic room, you can always add contrasting colors of brown, green, yellow, orange and other shades that can help you recreate the beach environment. You can also try to be creative with the use of other colors that you want for your beach themed room as long as it will create that harmony that you want to achieve.

Have a Simple Layout

If you are doing a remodel of your own room, you need to decide if you want to keep the old layout of your bedroom. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to not overdo it with the accessories and furniture. Some beach themed bedrooms come off as tacky because of too many added unnecessary “beach related decors”. If you don’t want your room to give off that nautical museum vibe you really need to put extra effort in choosing the right pieces.

Do not force the accessories into your room, let the beach decor be natural and not overbearing. Choose a few pieces that go well with the furniture that you have picked for your room. Rather than being too concentrated on decor pieces that scream of the beach, you need to shift your attention into what will work well with your layout and room floor plan. Work with what your layout can actually offer and pick furniture that will show your personality and add the accents that will complete your desired theme.


RH Teen

Another room inspired by a surfer’s love for waves. This bedroom is not hard to achieve. Install those framed paintings and some beach inspired sheets.


Kinderoo Interiors

When painting your walls with a different color appear to be less creative, making use of murals or wallpaper that reflects your theme is the way to go.


Peter Chamberlain Photo

An ocean themed bedroom is not just about the bed, you can also incorporate the theme to your workstation or study area. Work on your walls!



When you don’t want to overdo the beach theme, finding that right focal area and not extending it to other parts of the room still maintains the mood.

Make use of Textures

We’ve been talking about what the beach environment can give us because this theme is not just about what you see.  The experience that you personally have with the scenery is what actually made you decide to incorporate it with your bedroom interior. If you have fallen in love with water front property, a setting sun or had a great time while surfing the waves, this will be enough reason to push through with the beach decor for your bedroom.

Beachy bedroom ideas bring out the texture along with the experience that you had. Aside from your bedcover, accessories such as flor rugs, curtains and wall decors can introduce the texture that will help you complete your dream beach interior. If you really want to mimic the summer texture that you want for your room, you can always blend different paint colors or bring in wallpapers that will help to brighten the room. 


Living Spaces

Most of the key points needed for the beach themed bedroom decor were successfully integrated in this room. It is bright, airy and full of texture.


Beachfront Decor

Finding solace and having that comfort from the scenery in the beach is not out of reach in this bedroom interior. The accessories are perfect and on point!


Madison Park

Wanting less for your beach house bedroom can be well executed by having wide windows and light curtains. The combination is just too perfect for photos.


Deny Designs

The sea themed bedroom won’t be completed without the actual ocean view. How about minimizing the furniture and going all out with the bedspread?

Modern and Traditional Accents

Some homeowners usually use traditional decors that they can think of which reminds them of the sunny beaches and breezy oceans. Beach themed bedroom accessories don’t really need to be all seashells and sandy, there are a lot of modern pieces that can transform your room with less effort. Mixing traditional and modern accents that will go along with the beach colors that you have for your bedroom will complete the contemporary look that you want to dress your room with.

Nowadays, surfboards can be used as accents to your room, especially if you like the sport. It is a great way to give an extra character and personality to your bedroom. Other options for beach themed bedroom decor ideas can be with simple rope rugs and bedspreads with subtle hints of the beach or the ocean. Adding a painting of sea creatures or even some nautical items will be a great accent to your ocean themed bedroom.

Thoroughly planning your beach room ideas and putting them together will be an easy feat if you have a clear picture of what you want in mind. Just like any other theme for your bedroom, outlining the work and following it will be a great way to go about it. 


Liz Donnelly Photography

 Classy beachy bedroom ideas are hard to come by. Get inspired by these contemporary fusion beach colors for your next bedroom remodel project.


Urban Outfitters

The uniqueness of this design radiates the love for the beach in an artistic way. The added character from the accessories of this interior is very impressive.


Minted Interiors

Looking at this interior with its beach themed bedroom accessories makes you think more of the island life with the sea breeze just around the corner.


Tuvalu Home

This type of interior are usually done in “homey” inns or resorts. Create your own maldivian room by incorporating some of the highlights from this inspo.

dditional Tips for Your Themed Room

Declutter Your Room

Before you start putting in any additional accents into your bedroom, make sure that you remove all unnecessary items from your room. Anything that has nothing to do with your planned theme should be thrown out or stored properly. Make room for any furniture or accessories that you might want to add in your room. Create a more comfortable space for your beach themed room to be peaceful and calm.

Maximize the Use of Natural Light

Aside from the sea and the sand, another charm of the beach is its natural lights. For you to recreate the interior design properly, you need to make use of whatever natural light that your room is getting. Keep in mind that the lights will play a big factor in order for you to properly carry out this design. If there’s not enough light, you can make use of a mirror to bounce off the light around the room.


mber Interior Design

The main attraction of this room aside from its high ceiling is the inviting sliding doors at the side. Can you imagine the breathtaking beachfront behind it?


Beth Lindsey Interior Design

When the accessories of your room truly fits the theme, there is no need to overdo it. Creating the beach feels was not very easy for this bedroom.


Brittney Nielsen Interior Design

The designer delivered an interior inspiration with less beachy themed accessories but more on the vibrant colors we can usually observe in the beach.


Maries Manor

Yes this is how an old cottage room would feel when the interiors are done properly. Texture, accessories, and the warm vibe makes you feel more relaxed.

Select a Beachy Lamp

Another thing that can set the ambience of the room is the use of beachy lampshades. Instead of using fluorescent white lights, you can try a bulb that gives off an atmosphere of warmth in the beach during the daytime. Choosing blue, green or turquoise light shades is the easiest way to replicate the warmth of the beach splendor.

Use Scented Candles or Air Fresheners

If the lights are not enough, getting yourself beach scented candles and ocean scent air fresheners will also do the trick. The mood will automatically change once these scents are in action. However, before spraying these scents, make sure that your room doesn’t have any other odors. Ventilate your room properly, open the windows to air out your room. After everything smells fresh you can spray or light that candle at once. Always keep an eye on the candles though to avoid accidents.


Caron’s Beach House

Yes, you heard it right! Here’s how a minimalist beach bedroom should look like. Less highlight accessories and more on the texture that sets the mood.



Want the theme but doesn’t want to overdo it? Make use of less focal points, change the floor rugs and make use of beach colored comforters.


rt Wall Stickers

What makes this room unique is its creative way of making you feel the beach theme. It is masculine yet soft because of the wall sticker and the warm sheets.


Three Birds Renovations

Does this room also make you think of that calm feeling while snorkeling? Well, we can thank that painting above the bed for that illusion.

Make Use of Murals

Another helpful tip will be to paint a beach themed mural on your walls. Monochrome lovers who don’t want to make use of different shades of paint can also decorate a wall to the theme for it to get along well with the whole design. If you don’t know how to paint, there are wall stickers that can pass off as murals once stuck on the pristine white walls. You can actually buy them from many online stores. One of our featured photos actually made use of the said sticker. Put a little care while working on it so that it will not have obvious creases once stuck.


Donna Guyler Interior Design

Yes the theme is barely there, but this bedroom interior is just so relaxing for us not to include on the list. Less is more, yet this design is worth the try.


Chango & Co.

Nautical wallpapers, bunk beds and what looks like a relaxing rattan swing for your kids actually works for their themed room. It looks very inviting and relaxing

Embracing The Coastal Style

With shorelines being such a big draw, it’s no surprise that easygoing coastal style is a popular look, and what better place to develop a similar carefree and serene vibe than in a beach-themed bedroom? Cool colors, well-worn natural textures, and coastal patterns can be used to create a fresh, easygoing style that will make every day feel like a summer vacation.

Begin with the correct backdrop, whether it’s stark, whiter-than-white, a cream-based color, or a stormy grey tone, and create the design from there. Other natural colors to consider include whites, greys, misty greens, marine blues, sand, and driftwood browns.

Use white-painted or weathered-wood furnishings to keep the look fresh but relaxed (the more beaten the better). Then, to soften the plain white or grey palette, add texture to the room with paneling, baskets, woven rugs, and knitted throws or cushions.

Finally, enjoy the holiday spirit with plenty of coastal-inspired items, such as nautical-motif pillows and storm lanterns, and add character to your space with driftwood-look wood.

Final Thoughts

You have all the freedom when it comes to decorating your room. It will be possible to carry out all of your design ideas but you cannot simply give it a go. Whatever comes into your mind you need to list it first, gather all of your ideas and see what would work for your room. Always try to make the interior cohesive, create a more harmonious design by sticking to the basic and knowing the right accessories that you can incorporate.

If you feel that you are going overboard with the beach theme it will never hurt to ask someone else’s opinion. Seeing the whole thing from another person’s perspective might just be the way to keep yourself in check. For any theme that you want your bedroom to have, you always need to keep in mind the preferences that the room owner would love. As long as the theme does not limit the room’s function and the accessories do not get in the way of your daily activities, this beach room design idea will be worth the try.

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33 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Featured Image: G Family, Inc.

You certainly do not have to live on a farm to rock a farmhouse bathroom design. Rustic and retro, the farmhouse bathroom takes us back to simpler times, when modern advances were not part of our daily lives. Back then, a bath was a luxury enjoyed after a hard day at work, probably with candles, a good read, and a bottle of wine. However, the good news is, you can recreate this bathroom style anywhere you live.

On the other hand, this old-style design doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bathroom with a modern edge. Moreover, the present hardware, toilets, tubs, and sinks can be modern with a retro design. You can indeed accomplish the look and feel of a farmhouse bathroom with all the modern functionalities.

Out of all the bathroom trends, modern farmhouse is essentially the most comfortable and relaxed. In addition, there’s something about the sweet hues and unassuming materials that bring out simpler times and, hence, bring forth solace, peace, and relaxation. Furthermore, it’s not just about shiplap and rustic, weathered accessories. In fact, you can load a modern farmhouse bathroom with modern, polished, or industrial designs. So whether you live in a suburban town, remote countryside, or the heart of a city, these 33 modern farmhouse bathroom ideas will inspire you to start that long overdue bathroom remodel.

Finally, below are stunning modern farmhouse bathroom designs that will make you fall in love with this bathroom style.

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KLM Design-Build

The freestanding tub, black wall tile, and the wood-like floors make this farmhouse bathroom truly modern.



Embassy Design

Why spend on expensive decors when you can use and refurbish what you already have?



Dragonfly Designs

A bathroom, dresser, and a reading nook in one? Why not!



Ileana Schinder, PLLC

Limited space is not a hindrance to having a refreshing and lovely bathroom.



Northland Woodworks, Inc.

Keep your decor minimal, and you’re sure to have a relaxing bath retreat.



Crisp Architects

The red cabinets in this modern farmhouse bath are sure to captivate hearts.




Enjoy a hot shower after a hard day at the field in this modern farmhouse bathroom.



Yates Desygn

The white paint, together with the little black accents, make this bathroom truly stunning.



Red Hills Construction, Inc.

Start your day right by having a refreshing shower in this modern farmhouse bathroom.



na Williamson Architect

The farmhouse sink bathroom vanity in portage paint color looks calming and refreshing.

Farmhouse Bathroom With A Modern Twist

Modern farmhouse bathroom combines the smooth, clean lines of contemporary style with the comfortable farmhouse design to make a particularly fresh interpretation of the country living inspired aesthetic.

Modern farmhouse design is additionally popular for its simplicity and warm, due to its natural surfaces and materials such as wood and galvanized steel. While white or cream is still the most used color, you can also combine it with neutrals, vibrant, striking tones.

For instance, you can paint wooden stools with a bold red color, which looks great when paired with whitewashed walls. Moreover, you can also use this color for decor or appliances.

In particular, natural wood decor is an absolute necessity for any farmhouse-style home, be it wood boards on a wall or uncovered bars on the ceiling.

When it comes to furniture, they certainly don’t need to have the perfect paintwork. Besides, farmhouse style features well-loved and utilized things. In addition, this style has high regard for chipping paint that reveals a piece’s surface.

On the other hand, vintage decor items, or “vintage-inspired” pieces are a must! Indeed, farmhouse design fits the thrift store and flea market finds effortlessly. For example, old fashioned signs or chalkboards blend well with any rustic bathroom.

Lastly, don’t forget about the soft pieces. From handmade quilts to window treatments, modern farmhouse also leans toward splash of color over conventional floral or prints. Designers particularly prefer mixing and matching soft items of various textures.



ndrea Van Soest- Vantage Design Studio

The farmhouse bathroom decor here provides a fresh vibe.



pril Interiors

The farmhouse bathroom vanity offers a great storage system for your bath essentials.




Double the fun with this farmhouse bathroom sink.



LoneStar Design Build

This farmhouse style bathroom will calm your senses.

Why A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Is Ideal

Farmhouse style bathrooms are stunning since they convey a comfortable, warm vibe in your area. In addition, they are certainly customizable! Therefore, numerous individuals love to design their bathrooms with this style.

Firstly, the farmhouse style is barn inspired but elegant and classy at the same time. It’s definitely about comfort and solace. Also, the secret to a farmhouse design is to make an area that welcomes you in and urges you to stay for some time. Inspired by nature and with a vintage look, this bathroom can truly make anybody feel comfortable. Indeed, farmhouse styles make the rustic and cozy feeling you see in holiday movies.

Moreover, you can make any bathroom space feel like home with a little bit of farmhouse charm here and there. It is important to realize that the welcoming and charming vibe of the farmhouse style emanates from the warmth of the natural wood and the authenticity of the materials the bathroom features. Thus, in case you are planning a remodel, make sure that you add these items to your bathroom to bring out a warm and inviting feeling all around the room.

With regards to remodeling your bathroom, it’s hard to get wrong with the farmhouse style. Modern farmhouse style, in particular, is making waves in homes across the nation, so regardless of whether you’re a city person, you can definitely pull off the look in your bathroom—we guarantee!

Finally, the bathroom images above show the various ways you can execute this theme, from including wood tones and metal items to your bathroom to introducing shiplap and vintage bathroom  floor tiles for that farmhouse charm.



Regan Baker Design Inc.

One clever idea for your modern farmhouse bathroom is to use a ladder as a towel rack.



Courtney Thomas Design

This farmhouse bathroom mirror offers a unique touch and blends well with the vanity.



BVM Design, Inc.

What an excellent idea for farmhouse bathroom light fixtures!



Cushman Design Group

Say goodbye to boring farmhouse bathroom lighting with these gorgeous lamps!

How To Redo Your Bathroom In Farmhouse

Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme when renovating is typically the most difficult decision! Colors, in particular, make the dynamic of the whole room. Fortunately, farmhouse styles make it truly simple! White, neutrals, and shades of gray are specifically popular for most farmhouse designs. In case you like bold and loud colors, you can use black or navy for your contrasting shades, but try to stay with neutrals as much as you can to get the full farmhouse vibe.


First of all, our ultimate tip for furniture and decor is to try mixing it up! Besides, farmhouse designs evolve as time goes by, so you don’t truly need a complete matching furniture set since this also adds to the appeal. In fact, thrift stores are heaven for farmhouse decor and furniture. In addition, you should not forget about the sink. A farmhouse-inspired sink is particularly simple and huge and can radically change the room’s look on its own. Moreover, select your sink before you begin working with countertops as farmhouse-inspired sinks have a distinct look and typically need custom countertop cuts.

Farmhouse Lighting

Indeed, farmhouse lighting is the most significant component to unite the room. There are huge amounts of styles and options to select from, so have a great time and get innovative. You can certainly go super basic with wooden or metal basket lamps or a little luxurious with circular or tiered chandeliers.


Finally, the right flooring for a farmhouse design will provide an authentic look and, when done appropriately, can make your space look bigger. Also, you should make your floors and your walls coordinated. In particular, a wood-like tile is a good choice. Whitewashed gray is also famous, as well as lighter browns.



Studio Revolution

One of a kind farmhouse bathroom sink with an intricate wall.



Sneak Peek Design

We love every detail of the farmhouse bathroom decor.



JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

This space features breathtaking farmhouse bathroom light fixtures.



Homes By Dickerson

The farmhouse sink bathroom vanity is certainly on point!

Tips For Nailing That Farmhouse Charm

Use Neutrals For Small Space

First, to have a comfortable farmhouse bath in a small area, go for neutral colors as they can make your bathroom appear larger. For instance, you can stick to color white to make your bathroom look exquisite and inviting.

Wood Flooring

Modern farmhouse design is indeed getting more famous today. In general, you can accomplish this look by having wood accents. Wood flooring is particularly pleasant since it conveys an enchanting rustic vibe. Moreover, pair it with a freestanding tub and a confined shower zone to get the best of both worlds.

Wooden Shelves

In case you require more storage in your bathroom, wooden shelves can be your ideal option. They are certainly lovely and functional.

You can also utilize them to store your bathroom necessities for quick and straightforward access.

Ladder Shelf

This is additionally a great method to have a wood accent in your bathroom. Besides, a classic ladder shelf is enough to be a focal point in any room.

You can particularly lean the ladder against the wall and utilize it as a towel holder.

White Shiplap Accent Wall

With regard to modern farmhouse decor ideas, designers often prefer shiplap walls. Its basic light neutral pattern can truly transform your bathroom wall and make it more exciting.

In addition, it has that brilliant white color, along with texture and pattern, that work well in any room. You can even begin small by utilizing this style on only one wall.

Round Mirror

If you happen to have a tiny bathroom, you should not restrict yourself to decorate it with something exquisite and chic.

For wonderful yet useful decor, buy a round mirror and install it over the sink.


Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Lovely farmhouse style bathroom in Manhattan Beach.


KM Designs, Inc

The farmhouse bathroom decor offers a cool and refreshing vibe.


Hirshson Architecture + Design

A pop of color in an all-white bathroom offers an elegant touch.


Sullivan Building and Design Group

The floral wallpaper makes this bathroom extra welcoming.


Groves & Co

Imagine what a nice-looking farmhouse bathroom mirror can do your room!


Design Studio on 2nd

This farmhouse sink bathroom vanity is sensational and fabulous.


Jami Meek Designs

Maximize your space by following this awesome bathroom layout idea.


M House Development

We absolutely adore these farmhouse bathroom light fixtures!


Woodcliff Builders

This farmhouse bathroom vanity will take your blues away.


ngela Raciti Interior Design

That farmhouse bathroom mirror blends well with the white and light gray theme of this bathroom.

Why Farmhouse Works So Well In Bathrooms

The farmhouse is a style that pulls you away from the often impersonal rush that surrounds us in modern homes, with its simplicity, usefulness, and undeniable sense of nostalgia. It is not about doing more of the same. It is inspired by a time when bathrooms were not even a part of the main house! When they found their way inside, it was usually in a spare room converted into a bathroom. In that regard, farmhouse-style bathrooms contain elements that are distinct from their origin. However, merging them with contemporary functionality yields the finest results.

Modern farmhouse-style bathrooms have seen a surge in popularity in the previous decade, with a marked trend toward more rustic design elements. The style has also been modified to fit in with more modest dwellings all across the world. The modest farmhouse bathroom is revitalizing and feels like a retreat from “more of the same.”

Aside from being really beautiful, there are three reasons why farmhouse style works so well in bathrooms:

1. Because farmhouse uses a lot of white and bright hues, it works well in bathrooms, which are often small areas.

2. If you like farmhouse design, but your property is already decorated, bathrooms are private sanctuaries and rooms in their own right that may easily be given their own personality.

3. Farmhouse decor is now quite affordable.

Wooden Warmth And Rustic Elements

If you’re still not convinced that using wood in the bathroom is a good idea, we can promise you that now is the moment to jump on board; finally! The wood and white design has been popular for quite some time, and wood in the bathroom is far more durable than you may think. These woodsy surfaces, with the correct treatment, can give your tiny bathroom an authentic farmhouse vibe. Whether you go full out with a woodsy backdrop, go slow with a custom wood vanity, or just want to add a few wooden components to the mix, you can be sure that it will only improve the farmhouse appeal of the bathroom.

For A Small Space, Use A Neutral Color

Regardless of its size or design, you may give your bathroom a farmhouse atmosphere! You will never run out of ideas, from spectacular vanities to amusing storage solutions.

Remember to keep things simple and minimalistic. Use versatile objects and space-saving furniture to make the most of every square inch of the area.

Master Bathroom Sliding Barn Door

Farmhouse bathroom décor ideas frequently use a lot of wood accents. A sliding barn door is a good way to include a wood feature in your farmhouse bathroom.

This type of door can provide both a rustic and modern appearance.

Bathroom Shelves Made of Wood

When it concerns adding extra storage to a farmhouse bathroom, wooden shelves are a terrific option. They are both beautiful and functional.

You can use them to keep your bathroom supplies in one place for quick and simple access.

Final Tips

In case you need to make your bathroom look modern, abstain from cluttering each corner and space. Although farmhouse-style configuration gets its appeal from different decorations, realizing how to limit it provides it a more modern vibe.

On the other hand, to bring out the best rustic feel without making the room shabby, you can utilize a couple of repurposed items to decorate the space. Moreover, recycled wood cabinet, copper bathtub, or vintage pedestal sink are excellent to add rustic touch without adding excessively. Concentrating on functional items, for instance, wall shelves and laundry baskets is an excellent method to prioritize components you will include in the design.

Indeed, farmhouse look in a modern bathroom will provide a relaxed and laid back feel in your space. Make it a point to use the appropriate farmhouse decor, and avoid going overboard when decorating.

This is an image roundup post, curated to showcase and promote other reputable contracting companies’ and their amazing work.  To have any of the images removed, please reach out to us and we would be happy to do so.

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