23 Purple Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

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Not many colors catch attention, offer a visual statement, and carry alongside with them the feeling of extravagance and luxury like purple. Regardless of which shade of the color you like, purple has a glorious presence that is essentially irrefutable. First, part of it may be a direct result of the uncommonness of the color in the ages passed by. Also, another explanation could be because you can’t easily find it in nature like the greens, reds, and yellows. No matter what is the reason, not many colors guarantee to bring life in an interior like a splendid purple. Today, we put it in a spotlight and how we can use purple tile to provide your bathroom or kitchen an exciting makeover.

Purple bathrooms or kitchens probably won’t be as popular as their blue or green counterparts. In any case, this is certainly what makes them so exceptional. It is an ideal decision in the event that you are attempting to accomplish that subtle harmony between a calming yet refined bathroom that will take away all your burdens following a long, hard day. From the vibrant and eclectic to the gorgeous and luxurious, these 23 purple tile design ideas for your kitchen and bath will truly inspire you to do that long-overdue renovation.

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Norsman Architects, Ltd.

A custom-designed mosaic tile manufactured by an Italian company, Bisazza.


Drake Builders LLC

Lovely mosaic tiles in different hues of purple in this transitional bathroom.


Ripples Bathrooms

A simple bathroom can quickly stand out with the addition of purple mosaic tiles.



If you adore the color purple, why not go all out and have a stunning bathroom like this?


Lai Cheong Brown

Mid-sized trendy multi-colored mosaic tile and ceramic floor for this contemporary powder room.


Toll Brothers, Inc.

This dazzling purple backsplash makes this room extra gorgeous and elegant.


Ripples Bathrooms

You’re in for a treat in this transitional bathroom with luscious purple bathtub and multi-colored mosaic tiles.


Robert J Erdmann Design, LLC

This extravagant contemporary doorless shower idea in Chicago will make your heart beat faster if you love purple!


Sotheby’s International Realty

The purple wall tiles look dainty and ravishing in this Mediterranean bathroom.


NWI Contracting Ltd.

The purple tile backsplash brightens up this kitchen with dark wood floor and wallpaper.

Indeed, purple is a hot shade for kitchens and bathrooms, and we are putting this royal hue in the center stage with these purple tile design ideas. Moreover, purple is one of the most flexible tones, taking you from delicate shades of lilac and rich lavender, deep plum, and jewel-toned amethyst. Besides, these purple tile design ideas can work on wall and floor tiles, shower and bathtubs, backsplashes, countertops, and hand-crafted sinks and tubs. Check them out!


Robbie Interiors

We love this sensational color palette that includes shades of purple and green.


Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Traditional white tile with a purple accent for this bathroom in Calgary.


Ripples Bathrooms

Not a fan of white tiles? You can definitely consider purple and black.


Jeri Koegel Photography

Hot pink, purple, and marble for a unique and eclectic bathroom in Orange County.

Why You Need To Include Purple Tile In Your Design

If purple is your favorite color, then here’s your motivation to utilize vintage purple tile in your bathroom or kitchen. First, purple is the color of elegance and royalty, so purple tile works perfectly alone or combined with different hues to breathe life into a sleek palette in your design venture. In general, purple tile usually looks unique. Also, with the addition of purple tile design, your bathroom or kitchen will go from a common space to something remarkable. Moreover, you can make an exquisite look with a rich dark purple or a playful structure with a vibrant shade.


Water-Spot Showrooms

This contemporary bathroom in Boston features purple subway tiles, high gloss vanity, and extravagant chandelier.


Colin Cadle Photography

Don’t want to go bold? A subtle purple accent will do wonders!


Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

The fabulous backsplash tiles are from Sonoma Tilemakers.


Xstyles Bath + More, Inc.

The Mosto-colored glass mosaic tile for the backsplash is from Italian company Casa Dolce Casa.

In particular, the numerous shades of purple make it a flexible background color in the bathroom or kitchen that you can utilize either to complement explicit structure features or to paint a revitalizing backdrop. Besides, it is ideal to utilize a lighter shade of purple with a matte finish if you want to drape the bathroom wall in a lot of purple. Furthermore, vibrant purple tones with a glossy finish looks best when utilized in a controlled manner. In addition, try not to be reluctant to even consider using purple in a small bathroom either, as it can provide the area an air of liveliness and tastefulness that will wipe out any feeling of claustrophobia. Ensure, however, that you keep the bathroom as organized as possible, and stay away from other vibrant hues.

The shade of extravagance and royalty, purple tile, will truly create a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. In fact, we have a large scope of various shades, from amethyst and lilac to plum and aubergine so you can design your bathroom or kitchen precisely the manner in which you need.


Saint Petersburg

You will surely love this classic bathroom fit for a queen! The details are exceptional!


custom casa home staging

Calm your senses in this refreshing and rejuvenating traditional bathroom.


David Johnston Architects

The curved ceiling covered with purple subway tiles is genius!


Love Wood Kitchens

This pretty Victorian kitchen looks fantastic with neutral colors and a dash of purple backsplash.

Purple Mosaic Tiles

We also have a special feature on mosaic tiles, as it adds stunning, flawless designs to any room, and it’s incredibly flexible, as well. Since mosaic purple tile can be produced using stones like marble, travertine, glass, pebbles, ceramic, metal, and more, it thus can easily match any design or theme. Glass mosaic purple tile is particularly helpful for accomplishing an interesting look since they come in a wide range of hues, finishes, and sizes.

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