35 Cute Baby Girl Nursery & Bedroom Ideas

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Are you expecting a new child soon? Are you getting excited about bringing your baby girl into the world? Manifest your excitement with these 35 cute baby girl bedroom ideas!

Whether you are a fan of the traditional pink baby girl bedroom ideas or you are looking for something modern and neutral, there are plenty of ways to keep your baby’s room cute and inviting. This is a great opportunity to decorate your child’s nursery to best prepare for the birth of your sweetie. Make it a great room for them to spend the first few years of their life in.

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Starr Homes

Make your traditional nursery look amazing with a pop of color like this one.


McCroskey Interiors

We love this “Porphyry Pink” wall paint color by Farrow and Ball.


My Bespoke Room

While the gray curtains and walls keep the baby girl bedroom neutral, the hint of color and baby décor makes a fun environment for the baby. Pink and grey go wonderfully together. Perhaps it’s because they are on opposite sides of the color wheel; but also because they are both soft. Make sure you choose muted pinks and greys which will look extra cute. Pink blankets and grey pillows. A pink room with one grey accent wall. Pink drapes covering a grey window frame. There are a lot of ways to make this two-toned theme work!


Toks Aruoture

Your princess will love to grow in this pink baby girl bedroom with butterfly accents. Butterflies represent beauty, growth, and transformation. It’s the perfect cute creature for your baby girl bedroom ideas! It can be something as simple as adding some paper butterflies to the wall in a flight pattern, or giving your baby a huge butterfly pillow to sleep on. Take inspiration from all of the striking colors you can find on butterflies, and decorate the room with them.



The black and white wallpaper makes this room something your baby girl wants to grow old into.


Lori Gentile Interior Design

The elephant, canopy, and the little details make this room extra cute.


Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art for Kids

If you don’t want to invest in a whole room makeover, you can get wall arts that your girl loves.


Billy Kien Designs

Make your baby girl room a dreamland with a hot air balloon theme.


Megan Leith-Menard Interior Design

We adore this Coral painted Jenny Lind crib under paper lanterns.


Kelly Demma Interiors

Orchid and pale pink theme for this dainty baby girl bedroom.


J & J Design Group, LLC.

Create a bright and sweet little nursery for your baby girl with fun sparrow wallpaper.


House of Ruby Interior Design

If you don’t want to commit to bolder wall paint colors, you can choose bright accessories instead.


ndrea Bento

Because your little princess deserves nothing but the best. What do new parents want more than anything? For their precious girl to be treated like the royalty she is!  Some simple design ideas include adding a thin veil canopy over the crib, hanging pictures with gold frames, and using crowns as a piece of decoration.


Blu Sky Living

Create a pretty and vibrant space that will transition easily to a toddler room.


Design Loves Detail

Make your simple space extraordinary with lovely and dainty details for your baby girl.


mollieQUINN Rad Rooms for Baby & Kids

Keep a memorabilia wall to cherish as your daughter grows.


Connie Anderson Photography

A room that your baby girl will love to grow into! Just because you are having a baby girl does not mean that the room needs to be covered with pink, pastel, or floral themes. You can add a unisex piece of furniture to the room that is classy and still works well with your baby. A simple white cabinet with yellows, blues, and oranges is a good neutral piece that your child will love. Decorate it with pictures of zoo animals for a little extra fun!


Simply Home Decorating

Having a crib that you can convert to a toddler’s bed is always a good idea.


nita Roll Murals

You can get the same wall art in 36 different colors from Anita Roll’s website. Nature is simple, serene, and a huge part of your baby’s world. It’s one of the best baby girl bedroom ideas. Bring the soft and light parts of nature into her nursery with fun animal patterns, simple decor, and plenty of toys. Big windows with lots of natural light will bring out the best in your baby.


Think Chic Interiors

The espresso and white cribs really pop with the room’s white background.


MK Kids Interiors

Get your baby’s eyes busy with fun and interesting colors.


mollieQUINN Rad Rooms for Baby & Kids

It’s never too early to introduce the love for reading to your baby.


Tia Shackelford Interiors

Your baby girl will surely love the fund details of this room.



An area to nurse and nurture your future ballerina.


Inspired By…Designs

Create a perfect relaxing place for your baby with white details and decors. Keep the nursery elegant yet breezy with lots of light colors. Especially white, which represents pureness and cleanliness – two things your cute little girl definitely embraces! Lace curtains or pillows make a happy statement.



Keep it sweet and simple with white paint and a lighter shade of pink. Perhaps the most classic and traditional way to decorate your baby girl’s room is with lots of pinks. It is a warm, snuggly, and adorable color that your baby will fit into like a natural. White accents are also great for your baby’s look. Nothing says happy little girl like a white crib in a pink room!


D. Fadal Designs, Inc.

Custom crib headboard with leather tufted cornices and rhinestone buttons.


Simply Home Decorating

Have fun decorating your baby girl’s room with details that are close to your heart.


my Lambert Lee

A quiet and peaceful room for your baby girl. Keeping in line with the minimalist theme, white is a great way to keep things soft and light. Cream colors and very muted pastels serve as accents that maintain the room as a peaceful and calm place for your baby to grow up in.


New Arrivals, Inc.

Not a fan of pink paint? You can go for gray!


KBG Design

French Knot wallpaper made exclusively by York Wallcoverings.


Bravo Interior Design

The round crib with wrapped ribbon is anything but ordinary for your beautiful baby.



Be comfortable while you watch your baby fall asleep with the Poang armchair from Ikea.


Thinkterior LLC

Every element of this baby room represents Enchanted Forest.

Ideas For Decorating A Baby Girl’s Bedroom

Every woman who has ever had a kid or is currently pregnant understands that designing a nursery is a magical experience, especially if you’re expecting a girl. When you’re expecting a new addition to your family, there’s just so much wonder and grace in the air. As a result, preparing your nursery is critical; but, if you’re a first-time parent, you know your mind is full of thoughts that do not seem to go together correctly. If such is the case, we are here to assist you! The nursery decoration ideas that follow are as whimsical and wonderful as your newborn girl will be.

Keep It Simple

Okay, so having minimal décor may not be your first thought, but it may be just what the room requires. This is true if you’ve got a limited amount of space. When it comes to a basic nursery, you want to have everything you need on hand, such as a crib, changing table, diaper pail, rocker, and so on. The aim is to have everything on hand, so you don’t have to go looking for anything. Furthermore, to achieve that whimsical sense, you’ll need an accent item, which we recommend as a soft light or an intriguing wallpaper. Either option will instantly give your room a new look.

Florals & Blush

Nothing says “baby girl” like a blush hue as the dominant color and florals as the accent pattern. Blush is one of the most gorgeous soft pink tones you’ll ever see; it’s easy on the eyes while still making a statement. Furthermore, it comes to life when matched with a floral accent. Whether you choose a bright, flowery accent wallpaper or floral bits to decorate the rest of the room, you want to make sure your floral and blush parts are as intertwined as possible.

Bring On The Colors!

A bright nursery can be just as stimulating as one with patterns and prints. Bringing your kid into a vibrant environment can help lift their spirits. It’s been scientifically shown that bright, joyful colors make people feel happier; it’s a game-changer in specific ways. The trick is to use colors that complement the rest of your décor. You want a vivid display that adds to the room rather than detracts from it. Use vibrant colors in the center of the room to ensure that your place, regardless of size or attractiveness, feels trendy and put together.

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