21 Steel Metal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Metal kitchen cabinets are not for everybody. However, if you’re searching for a smooth and modern shimmering spot to do your cooking and food preparation, then metal kitchen cabinets could be the ideal thing for you.

Way back in the 1930s and 1940s, retro metal kitchen cabinets were extremely popular. In addition, these great looking cabinets were easy to care for, low in cost, and for the most part, came in white. Although, if preferred, anyone could use spray paint in a different color.

While they looked somewhat cold and sterile, the fact that they were easy to maintain was a good trade-off. Moreover, all these vintage metal kitchen cabinets needed to look great again was scrubbing with a slightly wet washcloth or spray paint. Hence, this was a huge plus for those on a spending limit.

In the event that you have a contemporary kitchen with cutting-edge appliances, tile backsplashes, or possibly a concrete countertop, your good old wood kitchen cabinets may get a little bit out of place. Also, to keep a smooth and sleek industrial look that blends with the remainder of your style, you might need to replace your cabinets with something similarly modern and chic—metal cabinets kitchen.

Regardless of whether it is countertops, appliances, or backsplashes, stainless steel never goes out of fashion. So why not finish that sharp, metallic feel by installing some new metal kitchen cabinets?

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Jane Kim Design

Reclaimed barn wood on top of metal cabinets and island to keep the industrial feel of the kitchen.


Penny Lane Home Builders, LLC

Industrial kitchen with custom steel cabinets and pallet wood inserts.


Frederick + Frederick Architects

Can you believe that furniture in this kitchen exists for more than 30 years already? Imagine what remodeling can do!


LLOY Solid Metal Tiles

You can never really go wrong with white. It’s clean, stylish, and timeless.


Cary Bernstein Architect

For a sleek and stylish kitchen, you can try this kitchen cabinet idea.


Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

We love the details and mix of materials in this contemporary kitchen.

Wood Versus Metal Kitchen Cabinets

There is nothing wrong with wood kitchen cabinets. In fact, they come in numerous shapes and styles. In addition, you can paint and stain them in every shade, and they look excellent when installed appropriately. However, particular advantages accompany vintage metal kitchen cabinets. Firstly, they’re sturdy. Consider why such a large number of garages come furnished with upright, metal toolboxes. It’s because these storage devices can’t be easily destroyed, look rough and rugged, and keep their contents protected and safe.

You can say the same with retro metal kitchen cabinets, which can stand some beating and yet still look great. Besides, since metal hardware is in style, your new metal cabinetry may already coordinate with your current installations. Below are some different benefits metal kitchen cabinets have over wood cabinets.

First, there is no refacing, ever. In fact, you’ll never need to reface, re-stain, or supplant your door fronts, which eliminates additional maintenance costs and weekend tasks.

Next, you no longer need to stress over peeling paint. Since the kitchen can get truly humid, this can be a typical issue in wood cabinetry, while old metal kitchen cabinets consistently stand up to the moisture.

On the other hand, speaking of humidity, warping is a usual concern among wooden cabinetry. Metal, obviously, has no issues against the warp.

Finally, metal kitchen cabinets are easy to install. Besides, most metal cabinets come pre-assembled, which implies that it comes as is. Hence, all you have to do is screw them into the wall.


Renovation Design Group

Industrial kitchen with a loft feel, featuring black cabinets, concrete countertop, and stainless steel fixtures.



The gunmetal steel skin on the face of the cabinets gives this kitchen an extraordinary appeal.


Lankford Design Group

Food-grade stainless steel not only looks fantastic, but it also gives your kitchen a stunning and luxurious vibe.


Pickell Architecture

Steel cabinets do not need to be industrial-looking. Just look at this dainty kitchen!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Metal Kitchen Cabinets?

Some people prefer vintage metal kitchen cabinets, while others are not a fan. That truly boils down to individual inclination. Besides, everybody has a different taste. In case you’re uncertain, check out our metal kitchen cabinet ideas to get inspiration. However, if you are one of those who love them, the next step before buying is to be familiar with the pros and cons of metal cabinets kitchen.

Stainless steel is exceptionally solid, sanitary, and simple to clean. This is the reason why people have long utilized retro metal kitchen cabinets for outdoor kitchens. In particular, the maintenance is low, and they keep up with the harsh treatment. In addition, they don’t require cleaning with harsh chemicals because of their natural sanitary properties. Moreover, they will never rust or warp. Also, water cannot damage them. At last, stainless steel cabinets can make a kitchen look bigger since they reflect light.

On the other hand, stainless steel show fingerprints and smudges more than wood kitchen cabinets. In case you’re an individual who panics over each smudge, keeping the cupboards clean can possibly make you go crazy. Moreover, metal cabinets can also be costly, and they come in fewer styles than wood.


Emerick Architects

Custom stainless cabinets with a commercial-style faucet bring out the industrial feel of this kitchen.


Maraya Interior Design

Stainless steel and cherry? Why not! We absolutely love the design and style of this kitchen.


Braam’s Custom Cabinets

White and stainless steel finish for the kitchen cabinets.


Dura Supreme Cabinetry

This contemporary kitchen features stainless steel drawers and roll-out shelves.

How Do You Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets?

Metal kitchen cabinets are a reminisce of the 1940s. Thus, unearthing a lot of these vintage metal kitchen cabinets is a fun find. Moreover, the cupboards will effortlessly supplement any retro theme you are attempting to create. However, rust is the greatest challenge with vintage metal kitchen cabinets. Notwithstanding, getting rid of the rust will make a smooth surface that will acknowledge new paint.

First, clean the cabinet thoroughly with an ammonia-based cleaner and a cloth. Expel all deposits from the surface. Next, with a steel-bristle brush, brush the cabinets briskly back and forth. This will thump free most of the rust.

You can now then sand the cupboards with medium-grit sandpaper to expel extra rust. In addition, the sandpaper will effectively work around curves and corners.

After that, spray the cupboards with phosphoric acid. In particular, phosphoric acid will transform any concealed rust into iron phosphate. Then, let the acid work on the metal cabinet overnight.

Next, brush the iron phosphate crust that developed overnight with a steel-bristle brush. This will get rid of any remaining rust.

Once done, apply a thin layer of oil-based primer to the cupboards using a smooth foam roller. Pick a bonding primer designed for metal surfaces. After that, allow the primer to dry.

Now, it’s time to paint them. First, put oil-based paint into a paint pan. Next, roll a smooth foam roller through the paint, getting rid of the excess paint from the roller. Apply the paint to the metal kitchen cabinets in a thin coat. Then, give the first coat a chance to dry. Finally, apply a second and third coat, utilizing a similar procedure.


Dyna Contracting

Clean and simple best describe this industrial kitchen, which is part of a floating home.


Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

Dedicated/customized cabinets for special uses such as tray storage, knife and utensil storage, pot storage, etc.


drienne DeRosa

The cabinets feature polished materials that reflect light and provide the kitchen its modern industrial edge.


Schanstra Design Group

This white kitchen features mixed metals and a combination of warm and gray hues.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Metal Cabinets?

Normal paint won’t adhere to metal kitchen cabinets the same manner in which it would to wood or particleboard cupboards—not for long, in any case. However, if you are willing to make several additional steps, you can use a primer and paint combo that will create a lasting finish for whatever kind of kitchen cabinets.

But you might be wondering. Particularly, what is the best paint for metal kitchen cabinets?

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a well-known preference for painters since it is water-based. Also, it is simple to clean with water. Be that as it may, when it dries, it becomes water-resistant to protect your painted cabinets.

For the acrylic paint to stick, you should sand the surface first. In addition, you will also need to utilize a primer.

Chalk Paint

Striking and versatile, chalk paint is the favorite paint for enthusiastic DIY-ers. Notably, there is no prep required on your surfaces for this paint to adhere. For chalk paint, you should include wax or some finish after the coats have dried in order to seal the surface.

Spray Paint

If you want to paint with ease, spray paint is your best bet. For spray painting metal cabinets, you will need to clean the surface thoroughly and then utilize a sander to smooth the whole surface you need to spray paint.

Oil Paint

Utilizing oil-based paint with respect to your metal kitchen cabinets may be a bit excessive, but it is unquestionably the choice that gives you the best long term results. In addition, oil paint is extremely thick and made to stand up after for quite some time, which might be what you need if metal cabinets are in a high traffic area.


Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

Carbon finish with shaker door style kitchen cabinets.



The metal cabinets, concrete worktop, and light wood floors make this kitchen warm and inviting.

How Much Are Stainless Steel Cabinets?

Stainless steel cabinets are regularly more costly than even top-of-the-line wood types, but again they are amazingly sturdy and last longer. You can budget at least $350 to $500 per cabinet in solid stainless. On the other hand, allot $750 to $1,000 per custom cupboards, excluding installation. In general, metal cabinets will be more costly than wood cupboards. However, remember that these are just mere guides—the price can get a lot higher based on what you pick.

For instance, let’s say you have 30 cupboards in the kitchen, which is usual for an average to a big home. At $1,000 per cabinet, that brings the cost to a total of $30,000, excluding installation. At the point when the installation is figured in, you could wind up burning around $40,000 or $50,000. Notwithstanding, remember that cabinets are quite often the highest cost in kitchen plan or redesigning.

re Metal Kitchen Cabinets For You?

Metal kitchen cabinets offer a stunning and sleek alternative to the regular scene of wooden cupboards. Moreover, you may find metal cabinets kitchen accessible in a fresh, modern stainless steel, which comes in different hues, antique touch, or the glow of copper.

Either is excellent and provides a superb solution for designing your kitchen as per the subtleties of your own preference for home decor with their bright reflective finishes. In addition, you will find that there are kitchen metal cabinets, which include different wood types into their style. This creative blend of metal and wood makes beautiful cupboards for your kitchen while considering steel metal kitchen cabinet ideas for your kitchen remodeling.

As a result, you will absolutely adore your new metal kitchen cabinets and ask why you stood by so long to exploit their innovative and reasonable solutions. Finally, metal kitchen cabinets are a no brainer to clean and maintain while they provide you a viable and trendy option of excellent and functional cabinetry.

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