25 TV Wall Mount Ideas for Your Viewing Pleasure

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The TV is an essential part of the living room. Not just because it is a source of entertainment, but also because of its impact on the aesthetics and feel of the most important room of the house. When you are deciding on the living room style, take into consideration how you are going to mount the TV. The entire TV area is often the focal point of the space and needs to reflect your preferred feel and style.

How you have designed the TV area can determine whether your living room décor is contemporary, country, or futuristic. Here is a look at some of the popular wall mounted TV styles.

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Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Pamela Pennington Studios

Fresh, clean and modern come to mind. The TV is there if you want it, but there are other things to enjoy in this space too.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

ShowChimp Creative

Magnificent pool area.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Zelman Style Interiors

Awesome and classic entertaining area, very masculine. Wall treatment behind the TV adds texture and interest. Love the wine fridge, very handy!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Frankel Building Group

Classic, cozy & inviting. This room just exudes comfort.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Michael Laurenzano Photography

This just one of those WOW spaces. So unique–so much detail without being cluttered.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Glynis Wood Interiors

Gorgeous living area, the stone fireplace where the wall mounted TV is, absolutely beautiful.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Crescendo Designs, Ltd

The great room in this NY beach house is so bright and cheerful. That lime green sofa in the middle of the room is so different. Round light fixture is stunning.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Coronado Stone Products

That frame around the TV is just amazing! The TV is mounted on beautiful Italian Villa Stone.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Pavilack Design

This TV is mounted on this remarkable wood veneer fireplace.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Soelberg Industries

Textured wall panel enhances the look of the wall mounted TV in this sitting area.

1. Urban/Modern

Urban/modern (sometimes called urban modern) designs incorporate plenty of clean lines and neutral colors. Minimalism is at the center of this decor with a few bits of color and texture accents thrown in to create an urban edge.

In this style, the TV will usually be mounted on a plain white or black wall with a small cabinet beneath or a shelve or two to complement it. For a more colorful urban style, incorporate extra colors such as brown and grey. For instance a white wall and a brown cabinet with a colorful flower vase on it. Feel free to get artsy with this style, incorporating things like slanting shelves.

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Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Wentworth, Inc.

I would love to relax in this space!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

DRT Custom Homes & Renovations, Inc.

Slipper tub, fireplace, TV and a glass of wine, perfection!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Shultz Audio Video

Who says the TV has be in the house, this is incredible!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Dave Brewer Homes

You will almost always find a wall mounted TV in a workout space.

2. Futuristic

Futuristic is a more extreme version of modern decor. It takes the signature minimalism of urban style even further, eliminating anything unnecessary around the TV and doubling down the focus on clean surfaces and lines. The wall will often be gleaming white with the black TV providing the main point of contrast.

A futuristic wall mounted TV uses minimal storage around it, at most, a single shelf or a slim white cabinet. As for materials, glass is a favorite. You can even find glass wall mounts for TVs and pair it up with glass shelving.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Emily Ruddo

This room is so charming and so feminine.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Brandon Architects, Inc.

A lot of mirror in this nice home gym.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Sights & Sounds

You wanted wall mounted TV’s, here you go!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

TRG Architects

Great space to watch all the games!

3. Farmhouse/Country

Farmhouse and country are not exactly similar, though they share plenty of attributes. Farmhouse has its roots in France while Country is a style nurtured in the southern United States. They are based on spacious and airy spaces with warm natural colors used to create a homely feel. Natural light is very much an essential part of this decor, helping to reinforce the country feel.

For this look, use warm colors such as tan, brown, and cream. You could accent the wall behind the TV in either of these colors. To add country character to the TV area, consider adding a rustic cabinet beneath the TV. You can also mount the TV just above the fireplace, if you have one for an authentic farmhouse effect. Or if you don’t have a traditional fireplace, you can buy an electric firebox and recess it in the wall or place it within a cabinet.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Jay Gleysteen Architects, Inc.

Perfect pool and lounge area. Love how the workout room overlooks it.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Geoff Chick & Associates

No fighting over what to watch in this room!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Wilding and Wolfe

Cute bedroom/playroom.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Fundi Interiors

That zebra TV is so adorable.

4. Industrial

Distressed wood, exposed walls, and bare steel are the hallmarks of this decor. It makes use of sharp lines and rustic colors to recall the industrial error that marked the turn of the century. If this is the look you want, one of the best ideas is mounting the TV on an exposed brick wall. For storage, metal shelving and cabinetry, reinforce the hard industrial decor. An industrial-styled wall mounted TV works even better when paired up with a fireplace.

5. Busy

For homes with a lot of things to store, a minimalist urban style may not work very well. You need every storage place you can get your hands on. The busy decor is for anyone who needs to keep the TV area looking neat, while also storing a lot of stuff around it.

A busy decor involves plenty of shelving around the TV Wall Mounting and a perhaps a large cabinet underneath. One way to use the storage is as a mini library. A TV surrounded with neat book shelving, creates an appealing homely effect. You can also use the storage around the TV area to store the kids’ toys, sports trophies and, other bits and pieces. The result is an appealing mishmash of colors, sizes and textures.


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

DRT Custom Homes & Renovations, Inc.

Slipper tub, fireplace, TV and a glass of wine, perfection!


Wall Mounted Tv Ideas - Sebring Design Build

M. Barnes & Co

Charming vanity area in this Texas farmhouse.


Here are a few things to take into account as you design your TV area.

Check the Lighting: To pull off a certain style successfully, get the right lighting, as it is an essential component that needs to be considered. Warm daylight fixtures may not work very well for a futuristic style, but is perfect for a farmhouse decor. The urban/modern style can work with a wide variety of lighting options without losing its character. For the industrial wall mount design, go for rustic metal and copper fixtures.Mix and Match: Make sure your chosen style matches well with the rest of the room. If you have opted for an industrial TV area, make sure the entire living room is designed in a similar style. This will create a more harmonious transition from the TV area into other points around the room.No Rules: Finally, there are no hard rules, so feel free to experiment with unique styles.

Making The Most Of Wall Mounted TV Ideas

Whether you like it or not, your TV is the centerpiece of your living room. Why not build a space that emphasizes it, making it the focal point of a designer creation?

The television is almost always the focal focus of any living room or entertainment room. However, choosing which wall to place the TV on might be difficult. Consider the following: Big-screen TVs have become so large that they may completely dominate a room, so place yours on a wall where it won’t feel too overpowering.

Maybe it’s time to buy a new television, but you’re not sure where to put it. You don’t want to obstruct your views, but you don’t have enough wall space to mount it. The solution is to hang it on the wall. You can get ideas from our images here.

There are three options for mounting your television on a wall, each with pros and disadvantages. Floor-to-ceiling stands and wall-mounted or in-the-wall stands are the most common.

In addition, you should think about any wall furniture. The floating shelf or wall unit is a popular choice. This adds a sense of space and design, and shelves can be embellished to further enhance the design impression.


Designing the TV area is an important part of deciding on your living room decor. The aim is to create an initiating style that screams home. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your needs, budget, and style preferences. Our image post will hopefully help you decide what style is best for your living room.

We are always here to help, just message us and we’ll be happy to share our experience and knowledge.

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