29 Black & White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Pamela Harvey Interiors

With the rise of minimalism, the black and white bedroom is making waves today. Straightforward and timeless, they certainly add style to any room, providing a sleek design that is always on trend. Since people often use the bedroom for rest and sleep, there’s no better spot for style to sparkle than this room. Hence, these 29 lovely black and white bedroom ideas present the stretch of the monochromatic style. Whether it is white, bold or minimalist, intense, sumptuous, or striking, all include depth and contrast at its best. In particular, feature walls paired with headboards, beautiful covers, and floating beds are best to create the perfect area for relaxation and a good night’s rest. From city sleek to country chic, black and white bedroom ideas will usually be on style.

Indeed, we see black and white as an ideal color mix for the bedroom. Although it may not provide the room the warm glow that others shades like brown, beige, or wood do, the effortlessness of the mix makes a simple, classic, and tranquil look, which is actually what the bedroom needs to feel—calming and welcoming. Also, despite the fact that it might be basic in nature, a black and white bedroom can truly make an impression in many different ways.

The bedroom is where you frequently begin your day and end your night. That’s why the manner in which you feel and connect with the area could affect how you take on your undertakings toward the beginning of the day and how you relax and unwind at night. Therefore, out of the many number of rooms in your home, the bedroom might be one of the most essential when it comes to decorating.

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Black and White Bedroom 2

Colby Construction

A black and white bedroom with lots of natural light brought by the glass doors leading to balcony.


Black and White Bedroom 3

McCroskey Interiors

Black walls, white ceiling, and a splash of orange accents for this traditional bedroom.


Black and White Bedroom 4

wb builders

Keep it simple by having white for the paint and black for the hardware, windows, and fan.


Black and White Bedroom 5

Gemma Parker Design, LLC

Best black and white bedroom decor are always perfect for a masculine bedroom.


Black and White Bedroom 6

Mosaic Interiors SF

White sheets and black headboard and nightstands, with lots of natural light for this mountain home bedroom.


Black and White Bedroom 7

Design Find

Black white and gold bedroom looks extra gorgeous and luxurious.


Black and White Bedroom 8

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Black headboard, combined with white sheets and hints of gold, make this master bedroom luxurious.


Black and White Bedroom 9

Emerick Architects

A large wall of windows faces the bed for lots of natural light and calming views.


Black and White Bedroom 10

Hart Associates Architects, Inc.

You can get the same feature wall at Jonathan Adler – Greek Key.



JWS Interiors

Black and white with a pop of metallic never fail for a glamorous appeal.

Why A Black And White Bedroom Is Preferred

Ultimately, there are many color combinations to choose from with regards to decor, paint, and furniture for the extremely significant room. In that case, you could base your choices upon the assessments of interior designers, or you could accordingly decide to decorate your room with shades that you appreciate. For many, that means adhering to a striking, intense color palette of timeless black and white.

A monochrome palette is definitely a phenomenal decision for any room. From classic design plans to modernism trends in the 1960s and minimalist trends in the 1990s to present day—monochrome never loses its allure. In addition, black and white bedroom has a classic and timeless quality that appeals to many generations.

A black and white bedroom functions truly well when blended with the more muted hues of gray. In particular, an extraordinary idea could be to pick a gray-patterned wallpaper and a custom-made black headboard with a black floor light. At the same time, you can accessorize the design to have an incredible impact with a monochrome floral duvet sheet, a gray throw pillow, and a citrus pillow for a burst of color.

Moreover, for a hotel-style vibe to your room, go for pure white walls as a straightforward background and pick silk bed linen with oversized pillows and black silk pads. Finally, to finish the look, get black lampshades and bedside tables.

A black and white room is obviously an incredible decision as it suits both men and women styling. Also, include additional interest to white walls with a huge mirror that will also make the room size appear larger through its reflected area. Combine this theme with striped bedlinen and extravagant velvet black cushions to instantly perk up the room.



Masterpiece Design Group

Black and white are never boring if you pair it with a bit of accent color.



Maraya Interior Design

Luxurious furnishings with fabulous gold art in this soft master bedroom.


Rikki Snyder

The fur, the ceiling and wall light, and the wall artwork are carefully put together to create a stylish bedroom.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

If you love dogs, you can get the same wallpaper from Osborne & Little.

How To Decorate A Black And White Bedroom


Generally speaking, black furniture arranged against white walls makes dazzling contrast. Also, weathered and distressed wood pieces painted in black or white improve a country cottage appeal. In addition, a smooth, black leather headboard matched with basic furniture pieces matches a minimalist or contemporary decorating style. Moreover, install shiny chrome hardware to cabinets and drawers to create a modern look.

Walls And Windows

White walls certainly make a neutral backdrop. For instance, include visual interest and a pop of color by having an accent wall painted in warm gray, off-white, or velvety beige. Likewise, install black and white pinstriped wallpaper to one of the walls and drape black curtains over the windows to bestow a strong, contemporary look. Also, make a comfortable cottage feel by hanging white sheers over the windows and including white headboard to the walls. Finally, a wallpaper that features black and white swirls, blossoms, or other fragile structures combined with elegant, silk window draperies can bring a delicate, sentimental feel.


A luxurious white comforter is indeed a perfect bed covering for a black and white themed bedroom. Next, make a modern appeal by hanging a black, faux-fur furniture throw pillow at an edge of the bed and attaching basic black shams over the cushions. After that, arrange various black and white throw pillows in rich leathers and shimmery textures against the headboard for an extravagant appeal. Furthermore, you can have a white bed skirt, woven blanket, and black and white quilted pillows for a cottage style. At last, situate an assortment of throw pillows in various sizes, shapes, and black and white textures against white pillow shams with ruffles for a romantic appeal.


Glenn Gissler Design

There is beauty in simplicity. This master bedroom is proof.


Kai Behnke Interiors

The black and white wallpaper offers a distinctive flair to this modern bedroom.


Legacy Construction Northeast LLC

Look for classic black and white bedroom decor for a timeless appeal.


nchor Builders

For a soft and calming appeal, use white flowy fabrics.

Creating Different Themes With Black And White Bedroom

Firstly, it is fundamental to identify what color combines well with black and white. For instance, a black and white bedroom set blends well with the muted hues of gray. A dove-gray wall color, in particular, would be a decent decision for black and white bedroom decor.


For a hotel look and feel, get your walls painted in white and cover your bed with silk sheets. In addition, buy plumped up pillows and include a couple of black silk throw pillows. For a more striking look, you can also add black table lights.

A Modern And Industrial Look

In order to truly create a modern and industrial bedroom look, choose a smooth, contemporary vibe by having black and gray-toned modern furniture items combined with striking, striped designs.

A Delicate Vibe

Pick gauzy curtains, lace bed linens, and pillows in linen. On the other hand, have an artificial fur or wool throws on your bed and add a sheepskin rug close to the bed.

Free-Spirited Look

First, include neutral-colored decors like woven area rug and several textured accessories to cause your room to feel more natural. Next, utilize white sheets to act as a stunning background for a mix of patterned and vibrant pieces.

A Millenial And Gorgeous Look

This style is incredible for youngsters and those in their mid-20s. Particularly mix in black and white furniture and accessories. For instance, a black leather headboard and a modern bed will make an impact by including large velvet pillows. Moreover, paint your walls in fresh white color and search for bright-colored decors. Also, pick an eye-catching artwork or painting to have a light, energetic vibe in your room. Finally, for a smooth look, include polished lacquered accessories.


Paper Moon Painting

Lovely, luxurious black white and gold bedroom with gold accents that tie everything together.


Rudloff Custom Builders

This white teen bedroom with black accents is rich in detail and textures.


Kathleen Virginia Photography

For a feminine touch, choose soft patterns for your black and white bedroom set.


tmosphere 360 Studio

Custom fabricated floating bed and headboard for this modern looking bedroom.

How To Use Black And White Accessories To Your Bedroom

The utilization of black and white in decorating can certainly make a dazzling and dramatic design. Thus, discover how to maximize the blend of these two straightforward hues to amplify your decorating prowess.

As a matter of fact, there’s a standard rule in decorating that states that each room can utilize a bit of black. You may think this is weird in the event that you have a bedroom of pastels or jewel tones. But think again and consider it.

Besides, utilizing the color black includes a focal point of color that anchors and adds a stylish vibe to a bedroom.

On the other hand, black in decors such as light fixtures, paint, accessories, trims, or in one striking furniture item will assist with grabbing the attention and hone any design plan. Also, it will function as an outline that sets off particular zones or items. Black color on its own is indeed striking.

Be that as it may, to get genuine spark and drama, combine black with white. The utilization of black and white in decorating truly offers a crisp, clean, irrefutably sleek, and exquisite look to your bedroom.

Moreover, black and white are ideal color blend for any design plan. Contemporary interiors usually join black and white with smooth metals. French Country brightening style, for instance, is frequently set off with this color mix.

In case you’re anxious about utilizing black and white alone, change it up by using zones of pink, yellow, purple, or red for a striking appeal. Keeping black and white noticeable, nonetheless, maintains the elegant impact.


Nicholas Carl Design

Another black white and gold bedroom to excite your senses!


Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

It’s hard to go wrong with black and white bedroom decor ideas. You can easily combine textures and patterns.


Coveted Interior Design

Two queen-sized beds with multiple fabrics for this black and white bedroom set.


Becki Peckham

Elegant lighting fixtures for a dramatic appeal in this contemporary bedroom.



Keep your decor minimal for a modern and luxurious feel.


Sharps Bedrooms

The closet mirrors, wall art, bed sheets, and the lighting fixture are beautifully put together for this black and white bedroom.

Final Tips

Combine Tones And Textures

It’s a well-known fact that a black and white bedroom can quickly go from chic and minimal to distracting and overpowering instantly. Hence, we suggest blending textures and tones in a high contrast bedroom.

Find Some Harmony

You can create contrast in a black painting, black walls, and a black headboard with bursts of deep green color (or color of your choice) and white sheet bedding for your bedroom.

Incorporate Pops of Color

Adding color is another approach to avoid a black and white bedroom from looking unwelcoming.

Include Metallic Accents

Mixing some bright touches with metallic accents while decorating with black and white makes things intriguing without overpowering the room.

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