35 Stunning Fireplace Tile Ideas

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Wood fireplaces are timeless, and marble is incredibly posh, but it’s about time to consider tile when it comes to fireplaces. Similar to how you would backsplash your kitchen, you can also utilize tile to make a “backsplash” on your fireplace panels, or go overboard and tile the entire thing, in case you like it to stand out. With regards to texture, color, pattern, the possibilities are endless for fireplace tile ideas.

The fireplace is synonymous to having a cozy home, but it is additionally a place where you can truly showcase your creative prowess by utilizing tile fireplace ideas.

Due to their simple operation and the warmth they offer, modern fireplaces are welcome in any house. Whether it’s a corner or double-sided fireplace, it’s going to look amazing.

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Lauren Leonard Interiors

Wonderful patterned tile for this beach style family room.


Soko Interior Design

The cement tile looks gorgeous in this contemporary dining room.


Norman Design Group, Inc.

Stunning tile work for this Mediterranean living room.


Bravehart Interiors

The tile is polished limestone from Stone Tile in Toronto.


Diane Portugal Interiors

Elegant and posh fireplace for this traditional living room in San Francisco.


MS Fireplace, Inc.

Specially designed fireplace door and tiles to complement the space.


Swanson Homes

The Carrara marble set on diagonal looks great as a fireplace surround.


Great Neighborhood Homes

Roc Glamorous tile in Yeni pattern from the Alyse Edwards collection.


Country Hearth

The tile looks astounding with the built-in electric LED fireplace.


Homestead Stove Company

Cream porcelain tiles as fireplace surround for this modern living room.

Now, old fashioned fireplaces have gotten a facelift and have become the primary focal point of any room. On the other hand, in case you love fireplaces, you acknowledge that it’s not just about the fireplace. In particular, tile around fireplace ideas include modern designs and a fireplace frame. Besides, each of these components contributes to making beautiful fireplaces.

Moreover, think about providing your fireplace a modern and creative look with excellent fireplace tile ideas. Accessible in practically unlimited hues, patterns, and textures, tile fireplace ideas can truly give a fantastic look to a dull and lifeless surround.

Who does not love to cuddle up in front of a warm fire? A cozy fireplace equipped with hand-made tiles is certainly life’s little luxury in times of cold days and long night. Indeed, the hearth turns into the focal point of the home for loved ones and guests. Finally, make your fireplace extraordinary with our list of fireplace tile ideas pictures below.



This modern fireplace wall has herringbone tile pattern and custom wood shelving.


ngela Dechard Design

Striking glass mosaic tiles purchased from Ann Sacks.


Jennifer Weiss Architecture

The antique white tile from Heath Ceramics looks incredibly lovely in this Midcentury living room.


Ghiloni Granite Design

Excellent tile finish for this modern living room. The space looks cozy and spacious.

Why Use Fireplace Tile

Firstly, you can use fireplace tile ideas to build a fireplace design that will complement the whole room’s design. In particular, tile fireplace surround ideas offer a wonderful covering with various styles, materials, and hues.

In addition, another significant reason is that tiles are inflammable material and have the ability to endure hot temperatures. Therefore, there is certainly nothing to worry about the safety of fire.


The Spotted Frog Designs

The fireplace tile is a mix of glass, honed marble, and textured marble.


Sunterra Custom Homes

The fireplace tile is a 12×24 Alba Grigio tile from Kamloops.



D&D Interiors / Mikhail Dantes

Chiseled travertine marble for a nice clean design around the fireplace.



sher Slaunwhite Architects

Remarkable sailboat fireplace tile for this beach style living room.


Williams Drake: Custom Homes I Renovation I Design

The fireplace surround is 2×4 Cobalt tile from Antique Floors in Dallas.


Greystone Homes LLC

The olive green fireplace surround tiles work great in this traditional craftsman living room.

Aside from beautifying the wall behind the fireplace, the tiles around the frame and opening of the fireplace provide a safe barrier between the fireplace and the remainder of your home. Also, with a broad scope of styles, price ranges, and applications accessible, the tile you select for your fireplace surround can make or break your tile fireplace surround ideas.

On the other hand, there are unlimited alternatives for tile materials, so choosing an ideal tile for the style of your house and your budget requires cautious thought. Likewise, you must also consider where you will install the tile. You need to specifically decide if it is going to be the fireplace surround or the hearth.

Once you select the right material, now it’s time to give your attention to the color, size, and print of fireplace tile ideas. Installing fireplace tile ideas along the wall will truly help make your fireplace the focal point of the room. Moreover, its versatility will enable you to pick the ideal kind of tile for the style you like to build.

Finally, normal stone fireplace tile ideas can bring out a rustic feel, marble will produce an exquisite finish, and architectural tile around the fireplace will make a classic and timeless vibe.


First Street Builders

The fireplace surround is Pennsylvania blue stone from Stone Center.


Elms Interior Design

These are 30 x 72 Athens Silver Cream stone slabs from Ann Sacks.


Tutto Interiors

Lovely handpainted tile called Contessa Arabesque Silver Leaf from Walker Zanger.



Beautiful textured ceramic tile by Edilcuoghi of Italy.


Bodagger Builders

Clean smooth white fireplace surround for this contemporary family room.


PBH Design

The black tiles around the fireplace complement the Stratford Blue paint from Sherwin-Williams.

How To Stone Tile Fireplace Ideas

There is so much that revolves around the fireplace. It is definitely more than a warmth-giving structure. In fact, it is a vibe setter and the central focus of the family room. Thus, it requires to be both beautiful and sturdy. In this case, tile is an excellent material to amp up your fireplace. However, there are a couple of things to consider. Tile will only work well in your fireplace if you are aware of its capacities and requirements.

First, there are three sections to the fireplace—the firebox, the hearth, and the surround. The firebox is the place where the actual fire will be, and you must line it with suitable materials based on building codes. In general, they do not recommend tiles for applications that will surpass 175⁰F or 80⁰C. In effect, you can definitely not use tile for the firebox.

On the other hand, the surround refers to the front-facing segment of the fireplace. Thus, this is the most noticeable part. Also, it should be sufficiently sturdy to deal with the warmth and look great while doing it. As such, tile is certainly ideal for the fireplace surround.

Meanwhile, the hearth is the part of the fireplace underneath and in front of the firebox. A horizontal surface, it can be a raised hearth or the floor directly preceding the fireplace. Also, tile is a fantastic option here. As a matter of fact, it’s a need if the remainder of your room has wood floors or carpet. It usually protects the space before the fireplace, which may be exposed to embers, sparks, and other debris.

Federal building regulations oversee the tile installation on fireplaces. In addition, there are also state and local building codes, so make sure to check before going through fireplace tile ideas pictures.


Laura Burton Interiors

The fireplace tile is a 12×24 porcelain tile called Natif Curry by Happy Floors.


Barron Designs

Spanish-style living room with gorgeous handpainted tile for the fireplace surround.


Susi Builders Supply Inc.

If you like to keep it rustic, try this fireplace tile idea.


Balzer & Tuck Architecture

The fireplace tile is a handmade glazed tile from L’esperance Tile Works.


Chandos Interiors

Gorgeous fireplace surround created from handmade cement tiles by Granada Tiles.


Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

Classic dark green tile from Motawi Tileworks.

Different Kinds Of Tile You Can Use For Fireplace

There is a wide range of types of tile, so which would you be able to utilize? In general, most wall tile is appropriate for the fireplace. In any case, to be sure, verify whether they are durable enough for high-temperature applications.

Also, below are more insights regarding particular materials and their heat-resistance.


For centuries, people have been using ceramic on fireplace surrounds and hearths. In fact, decorative tiles were particularly famous in the late nineteenth century. Besides, ceramic withstands heat well and is sufficiently strong to meet the demands of the fireplace. However, you might need to choose a thicker tile for the fireplace for additional toughness.


Porcelain is additionally an excellent choice for the fireplace. Being fired at a higher temperature, porcelain also offers a slightly different look compared to ceramic except for glazed ones. Moreover, it can withstand high temperatures and frequently has more choices accessible due to its popularity.

Glass And Metal

Glass is certainly an excellent decision for the fireplace. In addition, its light-reflecting characteristics improve the magnificence of the firelight, and it also takes on a romantic but modern flair.

On the other hand, metallic tiles provide a slightly rustic vibe to your fireplace surround and additionally come in styles that are similarly as timeless as classic ceramic tiles.


Indeed, stone is another great decision for the fireplace. It also provides a natural look to your fireside and is a decent swap for customary brick hearths and surrounds. Stone truly performs great when presented to high temperatures and is incredibly solid.

You can likewise utilize stone-look tile that appears as incredible as stone but is actually of porcelain make. Moreover, It is accessible in extra huge sizes so you can include some modern vibe to your fireplace.


Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Stunning silver Vetro Glass tiles from Stone Tile International.


The Wood Connection

Custom tile fireplace surround topped with a distressed and stained alder top.

Why Should You Use Fireplace Tile?

First and foremost, the tiles can be utilized to create a tiled fireplace décor that complements the overall decorative style of the area.

They offer a lovely covering in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Another, even more essential, reason is that the tiles are made of inflammable material, so you don’t have to worry about fire safety, and they can withstand incredibly high temperatures.

Using tiles to cover the wall behind the fireplace, its frame, and its aperture offers a secure barrier between the fireplace and the rest of your home.

Choosing The Most Appropriate Fireplace Tile

There is an infinite number of tile materials to choose from, so choosing the appropriate one for your home’s style and budget demands careful thought.

You should also consider where you would put the tile, whether it’ll be the fireplace surround or the hearth.

After you’ve decided on the right material, pay attention to the tile’s size, color, and print. Adding fireplace tiles to the wall will help it become a focal point of the room.

Because of its adaptability, you will be able to select the ideal kind of tile for the mood you like to create.

Natural stone tile fireplaces can have an “old world” sense, marble can have a beautiful finish, and architectural tile around the fireplace can have a rustic character.

Ideas About What To Do With Tile In Front Of Fireplace

The following are the things you can do to revamp your fireplace:

Use An Art Tile

The magnificence of art tiles truly depends on its imperfections. Since producers design, mold, and glaze each piece by hand, no two look precisely the same. In fact, you can utilize them as an accent with plain subway tile, or combine with monochromatic squares to bring life to your fireplace surrounds.

Assemble A Stone-Veneer Fireplace Surround

A stone fireplace is quite special since it brings memories of cozy nights with loved ones in front of a warm blazing fire. If you think that utilizing real stone is the only way to get this look, think again. Besides, the present cast-stone veneer appears like the genuine thing, with different styles such as stacked stone and river rock.

Moreover, its pleasing price tag makes it a choice that is difficult to ignore, as well as the DIY-friendly assembly.

Include A Granite-Slab Surround

A stained hearth, chipped bricks, and long stretches of gathered residue can definitely turn what ought to be the focal point of a family room into an eyesore. Replacing the surround and hearth—either with consistent tone slabs or with stone or ceramic tiles—certainly has a significant effect in the manner in which a fireplace looks.

Moreover, consider replacing an old quarry-tile hearth and cover a block surround with granite slabs.

Use Beautiful Patterns

In case a fireplace is truly basic and unadorned, you can simply choose including more pattern with tile. For instance, a one-inch glass mosaic tile gives a dramatic vibe around the fireplace. Also, you can match the color on the wall with the tile’s design to provide unity.

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