7 Best Dowel Jigs [2021 Reviews]


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The dowel jig is a doweling template with guiding holes that clamp to your board and enables you to drill precisely in just a few seconds.

It is packaged with various bushing sizes for versatility, and most models are self-centering, offering you greater ease of usage. Thus, any beginner can utilize the dowel jig as this specific device is really user-friendly. Furthermore, it has a minimal learning curve for individuals that haven’t employed this particular device before.

If you’re searching for an excellent version, our best dowel jig review below lists some cost-effective models that will change the way you make dowels. Let us find out how well they perform!

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Milescraft 1309 DowelJigKit - Complete Doweling Kit with Dowel Pins and Bits
Milescraft 1309 DowelJigKit – Complete Doweling Kit with Dowel Pins and Bits The Miles craft Joint Mate allows for quick and accurately doweled corner, edge or surface jointsMetal bushings included to ensure accurate alignment When drilling for perfectly positioned dowels every timeSteel dowel/Tenon centers for durable and accurate location marking of dowel holes or in second board being joinedFluted hardwood dowel pins with chamfered ends Add strength and endurance to your joined surfaces (Includes 3 different sizes)Brad point drill bits included in 3 different sizes (1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″)Check Price Below

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Dowl-it 1000 Self-centering Doweling Jig
Dowl-it 1000 Self-centering Doweling Jig Maximum 2” capacityBoring sizes: 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16” and 1/2”Check Price Below

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POWERTEC 71498 Dowel Drilling Jig with Cobalt M-35 Drill Bit and Split Ring Stop Collar, 1/2-Inch
POWERTEC 71498 Dowel Drilling Jig with Cobalt M-35 Drill Bit and Split Ring Stop Collar, 1/2-Inch Allows for fast, easy and ultra-precise dowel joint assemblyDrill guide ensures impeccably placed and centered drill holes 1/2 “dowel holes in 1” thick stock; with minor adjustments, it can be used with thicker stockDrill guide is constructed of rugged, hardened steel; features two guide holes located 1″ on center; clear-view guide plate is constructed of 3/16” clear hardened acrylicPremium M35 drill bit is precision machined of high-speed steel; designed with a 135-degree split point for precise, clean drilling actionDurable and long lasting through many a successful projects; Handy storing with pre-cut hanging hole. Set includes one drill guide, 1/2″ drill bit, stop collar and tightening wrenchCheck Price Below

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wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro Doweling Jig Kit
wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro Doweling Jig Kit Doweling Jig Kit that features a compact design coupled with durable constructionCast aluminum doweling jig ideal for creating edge-to-edge, edge-to-corner and T-jointsHardened steel bushings in 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch sizes make precision drilling quick and easyWorks with materials from 1/2-to-1-1/4-inches thick5-year warrantyCheck Price Below

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Woodstock D4116 Doweling Jig
Woodstock D4116 Doweling Jig Handles stock up to 2-Inch thickDrill-hole sizes are 1/4-Inch, 5/16-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 7/16-Inch and 1/2-InchSix hardened steel bushings are provided; Two each of 1/4-Inch, 5/16-Inch and 3/8-InchCheck Price Below

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Woodworking Dowel Jig 1/4' 5/16' 3/8' Drill Bits Metal Sleeve Drill Guide Wood Joints Drilling Doweling Jig Tool Handheld Jigs
Woodworking Dowel Jig 1/4″ 5/16″ 3/8″ Drill Bits Metal Sleeve Drill Guide Wood Joints Drilling Doweling Jig Tool Handheld Jigs Quick dowel jig that self-centers on boards to make quick, accurate dowel joints,making corner joints,edge joints and T-butt jointsMetal bushings ensure accurate alignment when drilling for perfectly positioned dowels,Minimal set-up with no exposed or covered mechanicalThe self-centering jig and adjustable fence allow for precise dowel alignment for maximum joint strengthThis Dowel jig has a longer fence which makes it easier to clamp into place. It also has a ruler on the side of the jig to allow for quicker adjustment of the fence.Fence allows for front-to-back depth adjustments,Fence is slotted to align the dowel pinsReal Imperial drill bushing,Use for 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ diameter dowel pins,Works with 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ thick lumber.it can be adjustable.Check Price Below

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wolfcraft 4641404 Dowel Quick Doweling Jig
wolfcraft 4641404 Dowel Quick Doweling Jig Quick doweling jig that self-centers on boards to make quick, accurate dowel jointsCapable of edge-to-edge, T, and edge-to-corner jointsMade of high impact plasticCan be used on boards up to 1-1/4-inch thickJig comes with 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch diameter pinsCheck Price Below

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1. Milescraft 1309 DowelJigKit

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Beginner-friendlyAffordableIncludes various dowel sizesEasy to align with metal bushing


Not created for more extensive projects

Sebring Tip:

This is an extremely useful toolbox to have for any novice. The amount of small bits it includes makes it simple to use for virtually any sort of woodwork. Whether you want to use it on edges, corners, or surfaces, this Milescraft kit could be utilized to drill holes wherever.

The metal bushings in this toolbox ensure it is simpler to get appropriate positioning when drilling. Furthermore, it incorporates steel dowels which can certainly help mark the place of the holes before you set it all together. Additionally, it includes dowels and drill bits in three different sizes. All that you have to accomplish is choose the best ones and start drilling!

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2. Dowl-It 1000 Self-Centering Jig

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Simple to useDurable and simpleAccurate hole markingsValue for money


No stop collars

Sebring Tip:

The one thing about jigs such as these is that the majority of the time, we doubt their durability. But not with the Dowl-it 1000 jig. It’s composed of hardened steel for additional durability, and that helps make it long-lasting. It’s likewise a durable jig with aluminum sides that keep the wood securely.

Another thing that stood out there for us was the jig has six drill sizes. This enables a heap of flexibility regarding projects, and also, one jig may be utilized to drill numerous holes. Furthermore, all the markings are etched clearly.

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3. POWERTEC 71498 Dowel Drilling Jig Kit

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Reasonably priced kitHeat & scratch-resistant drill bitAccurate guide holesHas stop collar


Plastic alignment lines are likely to be loose

Sebring Tip:

This is a no-fluff drilling package that has all of the items you are needing. It has a drill bit that is composed of high-quality cobalt and steel. This blend not merely helps make it durable and strong but is additionally resistant to scratches and heat.

Furthermore, the drill bit features a split point that guarantees you don’t need to make use of plenty of force, making it easy to work with. Additionally, the jig has two drill guide lines that are imprinted for correct alignment. The centreline makes it easier to find the actual placement on the drilling holes.

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4. Wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro Jig Kit

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Perfect for beginners and DIYersAccurate drilling holesHigh-quality dowel pinsFive-year warranty


Adjustable clamps leave marks

Sebring Tip:

Among the things that stood out there for us was it is beginner-friendly but has few accessories. The Wolfcraft kit has used only a couple of components in a manner that tends to make drilling simple for all. One particular feature will be the nine drilling hole guides within the jig. Every guide is pre-aligned so marking and measuring isn’t a necessity.

Moreover, the jig is made with cast aluminum that helps make it long-lasting and durable. Additionally, it includes dowel pins of three sizes, making it easy to make surface, edge, and corner dowel joints with precision. The sizes provided are 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch.

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5. Woodstock D4116 Doweling Jig

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It comes with metal bushings for more easy drillingAutomatic centering on round or uneven surfacesCompact and sturdyMultiple drill hole guides


A bit expensive

Sebring Tip:

When it relates to generating precise drill holes of different sizes, there’s simply no better dowel jointer to work with than this. It has five drill holes of several sizes – 1/4 inch, 7/16 inch, 3/8 inch, 5/16 inch, and 1/2 inch. And since it has many guides, there’s no demand for you to transport way too many components.

One more good thing about this particular jig is that it automatically centers itself regardless of the form of the wood. Additionally, it can handle wood as much as two inches thick in every hole. You are going to appreciate the jig is durable and sturdy.

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6. AUTOTOOLHOME Woodworking Dowel Jig

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Beginner-friendlyAffordableThree drill hole guidesSelf centering dowel jig


Fence could be difficult to attach

Sebring Tip:

We found this to become a handy device for people who currently have most parts for their woodwork. Searching for a jig that is affordable and accurate can be difficult, but this appears to strike the best balance. This dowel jig by AUTOTOOLHOME is a little handheld unit with four centering pins and three hole guides of various sizes.

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7. Wolfcraft 4641404 Dowel Quick

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Fence is readily removableAccuracy is guaranteed with hole guides drillingJig automatically centers itselfSteel guides that minimize risks of damage


Plastic isn’t of great quality

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Even though this one isn’t very different from the handheld jig by AUTOTOOLHOME, it has plenty to offer. It’s a self-centering jig and may be utilized on boards ranging from 1 1/4 inches in thickness. Because it centers itself, it’s perfect for doing all kinds of joints on the corner, surface, and edge of any wooden board.

Furthermore, it features steel hole guides that guarantee minor damage and tear-outs during the drilling operation. The three sizes available for the drill hole guides are 5/16 inch, 1/4 inch,  and 3/8 inch, which could be used depending on the project. And, the boring holes could be utilized to place the pins as it guarantees they go in straight.

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Choosing The Best Dowel Jig

As always, you will find an assortment of elements associated with having a truly excellent and best dowel jig. Do not take the inexpensive route—you are certain to regret it ultimately.

Simple models vary from $25-$40. These are the simple jigs that have holes for several drills with no bushings. If more dowels are being utilized in a joint, the jig should be moved. This may lead to alignment troubles; therefore, it’s recommended to select this particular kind of template just in case you’ve got a minimal budget. Jigs with bushings of different sizes vary in size from $40-$60. These bushings are bolted to threaded holes that enable you to drill holes of similar size without moving the jig. This particular design has two holes for all the bushings and two holes for the drill bit, which doesn’t take bushings. The jigs with the most bushing holes range from $50-$70. These jigs have four threaded holes that provide more choices for spacing between each hole, all of which could be drilled without rotating the template. Each additional bushing is an extra expense. Jigs that hold greater capacity provide more overall performance, just like the Rockler dowel jig. These are probably the most costly and are between $60-$90. These models may be attached to a cylinder head of up to two 3/8 inches thick, which is generally sufficient, though the huge capacity templates handle parts of six inches or more.

Buying Guide For The Best Dowel Jig

Before buying the best dowel jig, there are several essential features to think about because there’s a thin line between a useless dowel jig & a useful one. 


First of all, the most crucial part is choosing the best dowel jig based on your need and purpose. For instance, many models have more than one bushing size, and in case you do not work with dowels that exceed a particular size, you don’t have to spend extra and get a larger type with several bushings.


You will find numerous things which make a dowel jig a precise tool. The very first one will be the clamp system. This ensures the best dowel jig is in place so that it doesn’t move when drilling.

Moreover, ascertain that your preferred item has a self-centering device that will automatically and easily align the dowel jig for you.

Accuracy is dictated by the built of the dowel jig. The metal sides of this particular device and the center block are machine polished, so they’re completely flat and gives you the best precision achievable when dealing with every kind of edge, even those which aren’t entirely flat.


Dowel jigs are available in various sizes and shapes, all making them more versatile. It’s surely a great option to obtain a unit that may do lots of doweling tasks like T joints, edge to edge, or edge to corner.

This versatility comes in handy sooner or later, particularly when dealing with furniture that often requires joinery of various sizes.

Ease of use

The best dowel jig is a straightforward tool. It does seem intimidating though it is extremely user-friendly once you begin to use it. So, you don’t plan an overly complicated dowel jig that attempts to perform way too many things but ultimately accomplish little.

See whether your selected unit comes with an easy-to-use clamp system, metal-reinforced bushings because of the drill bit & a self-centering system. Almost all those elements will make the dowel jig simple and very easy to work with.

Bushing Size

The bushing size dictates the dimensions of the gap you’ll drill. To put it simply, the greater the dimensions, the larger the dowel.

Typical bushing sizes in a dowel jig are 3/16 in, 3/8 in, 5/16 in, 1/4 in, 7/16 in, and 1/2 in. If you work with a single bushing size only, as is typical in making home furniture, you don’t need extra sizes.

The primary benefit is the fact that a dowel jig with just one bushing size is easier to work with and smaller. Obviously, your decision for a dowel jig right here is going to depend on your need.

Bushing Material

The bushing is precisely where the drill bit goes into the dowel jig and drills a hole. Thus, it must be reinforced whether you don’t desire to harm the bushing.

Make sure that the bushing is reinforced with a durable metal material. Steel is typically the preferred bushing material that doesn’t damage quickly and is durable.


The Milescraft 1309 Dowel Jig Kit is, just like the name suggests, a dowel jig kit. Since this particular item is a dowel jig kit, you receive more than simply a dowel jig: metal bushings, dowel bits, and dowel pins.

Each component that is provided in this particular kit is very durable. Regardless of how frequently you use the dowel jig or the parts that function together with the dowel jig, you will be ready to keep on doing this for many years. To go with that, there is simply no demand for you to be concerned about accidentally bending or busting the dowel jig, thanks to its durability and strength.

When you buy this dowel jig kit, you’ll also get a chance to access videos that Milescraft has produced. Many of these videos provide the info you need to utilize this dowel jig effectively and easily for virtually any woodworking project. Even if you are not very good at woodworking, you have nothing to stress about.

Although this dowel jig and most of its various elements are excellent, there’s just one minor issue. Occasionally, this dowel jig won’t remain still. You could be pressing it straight against the board, with amazing strength, and the torque of your drill will nevertheless result in the dowel jig to wobble.

When you can get past that flaw and are not very concerned about working with a wobbly dowel jig, the Milescraft Dowel Jig Kit is an excellent dowel jig to buy.

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