8 Places You Might Have Missed Out During the Renovation of Your 1st Property

Don’t forget to spend some time planning for these places, when you embark on your dream abode renovation journey!

#1. Location of the mobile device charging station

Image from Define bottle

Charging your mobile devices can be a rather chaotic affair, with messy charging cords running all over the table. In addition, the multiple devices for the entire family will take up precious space and clutter the table while they are being charged.

What this means to you

Settingupa simple charging station will eliminate such unsightly scattered, mismatched tangled cords and utilise the space more effectively. Although there are many simple DIY tutorials for you to setup a homemade charging station to keep battery life high, fabricating a customised charging station will be a better solution if you want it to blend into the rest of the home interior design.

#2. Location of the smart vacuum robot docking station

Image from Samsung Singapore

Smart robot vacuum robots have become ubiquitous cleaning partners in modern homes. This is because having an intelligent machine like this means one less household chore for you to worry about. Some models can be controlled through the Smart Home Assistant; Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Others can even double up as mobile home security cameras. Unfortunately, most homeowners decide on the placement of the docking station as an afterthought, and this often results in a suboptimal location of the vacuum robot.

What this means to you

The best placement for the vacuum robot docking station is at one corner of the room, where it uses the base to triangulate its relative position, to calculate its starting and ending cleaning routine. In addition, make sure that there is an electrical socket next to the docking station, so that the wire does not sprawl over the floor. Furthermore, there must be plenty of room for the vacuum robot to manoeuvre, while it lines up with the base when it re-docks to recharge. Lastly, set aside at least 1.5 to 3 feet of clearance space on either side of the docking station. If you want to hide the docking station beneath a customized cabinet, make sure that there is enough vertical clearance too.

#3. Placement of the mesh Wi-fi system

Image from Drumitloud.com

Wi-fi routers are now a part and parcel of most households. However, most homeowners experience poor Wi-fi signals when they decide the locations of their wi-fi routers as an afterthought, since most will resort to chunking the messy-looking Wi-fi router at a convenient dark hidden nook. A mesh Wi-fi system consists of the main router, that connects directly to your modem and links up with a series of satellite nodes, which are distributed throughout the house. Nevertheless a mesh Wi-fi system offers a significantly better coverage over the traditional Wi-fi router and eliminates dead zones, and is a better option than a traditional Wi-fi router.

What this means to you

The optimal location of the mesh Wi-fi system is more tricky, since its nodes are to be placed throughout the house for optimal Wi-fi coverage. The main router node should be setup centrally away from the walls, in close physical proximity to the cable modem or an existing router, preferably next to an electrical socket. Since the setup of these IT equipment might clash with the aesthetic design, they are usually hidden inside a customized cabinet or on the topmost shelf, to maximize coverage. The satellite nodes should also be placed out in the open, away from the concrete walls, big metal obstacles such as a refrigerator or steel cabinets.

#4. Approval for a kitchen exhaust duct

Images from Carousell

The kitchen hood’s main function is to keep the cooking fumes away from the kitchen so that it is clean and odour-free. The kitchen hood comes in a wide variety of styles and there are 2 types of kitchen hoods; ductless (or recirculating) kitchen hoods and ducted (or ventilating) hoods. Traditionally, only ductless models are allowed in HDB apartments since the unfiltered fumes will affect the neighbouring units.

What this means to you

Since ductless kitchen hood recirculates air instead of venting the warm and stale outside of the kitchen, the kitchen will become hot and humid over time. In addition, the ductless hood is nosier since more fan power is required to suck in and recirculate the warm air. Hence, you may want to consider seeking HDB’s approval, to install the specially designed ducting system for your kitchen hood system, to keep your kitchen cooler and cleaner.

#5. Installation of a dishwasher

Design: Ovon Design

Dishwashers have gained much popularity over the years because contrary to popular beliefs, dishwashers are not electricity and water wasting machines. In fact, dishwashers have proven to be energy efficient, game-changer appliances for time-strapped homeowners. Furthermore, due to technological advancements, dishwashers have become more compact and affordable too.

What this means to you

 Ideally the dishwasher should be located somewhere where there are minimal plumbing works, for an easier and cheaper renovation. In addition, the dishwasher should be located near the sink, where it is easy for you to load the soiled dishes into the dishwasher drawers after a quick rinse. Due to human ergonomics considerations, it is easier for you to load the dishes into the dishwasher, which is installed to the left of the sink if you are right-handed and vice versa. The placement of the dishwasher also affects where your cutlery drawers or crockery cabinets are located, since they should be near or next to your dishwasher to make it easier for you to offload the clean cutlery or crockery after they have dried.

#6. Setting aside space for an automated laundry rack

Image from Steigen’s instagram

Singapore’s tropical humid climate poses a great challenge for homeowners, especially if they rely on the laundry racks during the monsoon months. Thanks to the technology advancements, aside from the dryers, fully automated laundry racks also allow your laundry to be dried safely indoors. The automated models are getting more sophisticated, and can be controlled with smartphone apps. Some even come equipped with solar tubes (to simulate the sunlight), air circulators (to mimic the wind) to shorten the drying duration, and disinfects the clothes with a combination of heaters and ionisers.

What this means to you

The size and orientation of the automated laundry rack might affect the placement of the washing machine, wall mounted cabinets (if you are looking to optimize the space vertically) and the location of the service yard light. To choose the most suitable automated laundry rack for the service yard, the size matters since certain brands and models might be more suitable for a smaller, compact service yard. Unless you are living in a loft apartment, most brands are suitable for ceiling height of around 2.6m – 3m.

#7. Having a steam closet system

Image from Lg Singapore

In recent years, big electronic brands such as LG and Samsung have come up with a steam closet system, designed to be installed in the space-challenged laundry room. It is extremely useful if you are looking to effortlessly refresh your clothes such as jackets, suits and jeans in between weekly washes, by minimizing wrinkles and deodorize with hot steam. In addition, it is useful for steam-refreshing and sanitizing other household items by removing allergens such as pollen, bacteria, dust and dander from the beddings, and plush soft toys!

What this means to you

The steam closet offerings from LG and Samsung are freestanding models and does not require a separate water pipeline or plumbing for its water reservoir. This means that you have a flexible option of placing the steam closet at the service yard or even in your bedroom, just next to your wardrobe! Just make sure that an electrical socket is installed next to the steam closet system.

#8. Approval for installation of an air ventilation system


Poorly ventilated bathrooms are vulnerable to mould and mildew and they cause the walls and floor to be stained. Hence, exhausting moist, warm air, which is created during showers will help to keep out the humidity at bay. In addition, air ventilators help to remove nasty odours from a bathroom more easily.

What this means to you

There are mainly 2 types of exhaust fans: ceiling mounted and window mounted. The ceiling mounted air ventilators have to be installed with a false ceiling and the window mounted air ventilators will require some modifications to the bathroom window. As the window might need to cut a hole for the air ventilator to be installed, or the louvered window panes have to be changed to a top-hung casement window, this might require approval from the HDB authorities. 


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34 Teen Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image Source: Sherwin-Williams

If you need teen bedroom ideas, consider what your teenager likes and imagine their room through their point of view. You should keep in mind that a teenager has a different perspective on a room than a grown-up. Aside from having a place to sleep, a teenage bedroom is the place a teenager hides from the world of rules and standards.

There are not many spots where a teen can express themselves shamelessly. The bedroom is the best option. When you are a teenager, you think that anything is possible. Their preferred things are diverse and sometimes conflicting. However, with some arranging, all thoughts can integrate perfectly.

.fusion-fullwidth.fusion-builder-row-34 { overflow:visible; }


Hollub Homes

You can get the same rug from Sonya Winner and the cloud shelf from AllModern.


Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASID

Soft gray and purple colors turned out to be beautiful for this teen bedroom.


Nicole Carlin Interiors

Any teenage girl who loves to dance will adore this ballerina-inspired bedroom.


Cadence Design Studio

The mural was painted and designed by a 14-year old girl.


Smart Interiors

Adventure and dreams start at home with this Antique Oceans World Political Map Wall Mural.


Rudloff Custom Builders

Support your teen’s love for reading by placing bookshelves near their bed.


M&S Paris Construction Inc

Make your space large enough to fit your growing teens in this 4-bed capacity bedroom.


Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

If your teen is into football, try to incorporate custom-made panel mural.


Studio M Interiors

An off-white and pink motif for this shabby-chic teenage bedroom.


Tara Benet Design

Who wouldn’t adore this classy, trendy, and comfortable bedroom?

When conceptualizing teen bedroom ideas, the most significant thing to consider is that their room is a statement of who they are.

Most teens are design-conscious and updated with the most recent trends and patterns. In any case, they’re conflicted between childhood and adulthood. Teenagers usually have adored toys they’re not prepared to let go. Notwithstanding, they also search for a room that is more established and more trendy than their childhood room.

An adolescent will appreciate a way to deal with their room as their small, independent “apartment” where they can spend the greater part of their time serenely. Notwithstanding size, a teenager’s room should be adaptable enough for them to spread out and complete schoolwork, hang with friends, rest, and sleep, all while mirroring their personality.

Aside from looking incredible, teen bedroom ideas ought to incorporate capacities explicit to their age. While grown-ups favor a space that is quiet and downplayed, adolescents acknowledge energetic, high vitality rooms.


Studio Geiger Architecture

Incorporating your teen’s interests in his bedroom is one of the best ways to support him.


Eminent Interior Design

Adding a hanging chair is always a good idea!


Kroiss Development, Inc.

Petal Pusher in off white and gold wallpaper is by Hygge and West.


Robeson Design

Share a room and maintain privacy by having built-in bed curtains.

Critical Points For Epic Teen Bedroom Ideas

Your teen’s room might be among the hardest places in the house to structure. For instance, it needs to highlight their style and interests while still fitting in with the remainder of the house. You need to ensure it develops with them through the valuable years remaining at home. Also, you need to get yourself prepared when they request something like black walls. Avoid any possible contentions by looking at these teen bedroom ideas.

First is, the storage space. For small teen bedroom decor ideas, it is important that you give priority to storage space if you don’t want your teen’s stuff to be all around. Therefore, teen bedroom ideas for small rooms usually include double-deck beds or beds that have storage space underneath. Furthermore, installing shelves and racks is also excellent for small teen bedroom ideas. Ultimately, smart storage solutions are top on the list for teen bedroom ideas for small rooms.


Leslie Cotter Interiors

Be creative and maximize your space by having custom-built beds.


Orlando Interior Photography

Although they are already teens, they will still be mommy or daddy’s little princess.


Robeson Design

The mix of colors makes this room fun, bright, and exciting!


Dupuis-Design Corp

I bet your teenagers won’t mind sharing rooms if they have these gorgeous bunk beds.

Secondly, you need to give them privacy. If the room is huge enough, put a little seat by the window or in the corner, so your teenager has someplace private to unwind and hang out. Additionally, have fun decorating with things like headboards, upholstery, and curtains. Also, wallpaper is another simple method to acquire color and a fun print. Settle on the removable kind or pick a lasting one that you both love.

Next, you also have to consider their hobbies. Teen girl bedroom ideas can have musical notes or dance-inspired theme. On the other hand, teen boy bedroom ideas can include skateboard, basketball, or guitars. Furthermore, teen boys bedroom ideas can be more sporty and rugged, while teen girls bedroom ideas can be more warm and dainty. Of course, your teenager’s personality is a huge factor in looking for teen bedroom decorating ideas.


Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Textures, clean lines, and pops of color make this room very interesting.


Provanti Designs, Inc

A grown-up room with drapes and a velvet bed is a dream come true for the owner.


colorTHEORY Boston

We love all the details in this room! The wallpaper is from Hygge & West.



The white paint plus the bright colors of the sheets, create a statement for this room.

Top Trends For Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We get it! Creating a space for your hard-to-please teenager can be challenging. The key is to develop a balance. You need to design a bedroom that is both practical and stylish that you will both love. If you need more inspiration for teen bedroom decoration ideas, read on.

Hanging chair or creative swing

You can see this a lot below. A hanging chair or a creative swing is one of the best things we love about teen bedroom decorating ideas. Install a hanging rattan chair that is both playful and functional. It’s a comfortable little spot to read, tune in to music, or chat with friends. A piece like a hanging chair keeps the room feeling youthful and fun-loving while at the same time, staying chic.

Go all-out on the headboard

With regards to revamping your teenager’s bedroom, invest in a work of art, quality bed frame, or headboard. A decent quality headboard will be timeless and stay in the room and scale with your teen for years to come.


Megan Elise Interiors LLC

For your teenage girl who loves flowers, this room will be a hit!


Valerie Grant Interiors

We love that this room has a great view and a shelf for collectibles.


Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Green and turquoise theme for this trendy bedroom.


Younique Designs

If you want to get the same furniture, it’s from H-Studio.

Add a statement piece

Investment pieces like armoires, dressers, or statement lighting need to be versatile, timeless, and classic while keeping the fun elements of the wall and textile décor.

Use playful bedding in bold colors

New bedding material is a surefire approach to refresh a room. Designers usually love to begin with a crisp, white duvet cover. Subsequently, you can layer in colors with blankets, pillows, and throws.  Or, consider making your own photo blankets.


SHELTER Custom-Built Living

This bedroom with gold and white theme is the best spot to relax and rest.


Savvy Giving by Design

Little details have a great impact. Just look at those butterfly origami!


Elevate Design Build

Black and white theme doesn’t need to be boring. This bedroom is rocking it!


Dream Finders Homes

If your teen is into golf, a bedroom remodel is an excellent present for him.

Budget Tips For Renovating Teen’s Bedroom

Read any teen decorating catalog and you may immediately be overpowered with its glossy pictures of teen bedrooms that have been decorated with designer home products. Numerous magazines and design shows give the idea that you need countless dollars worth of furniture and decor to enhance your young teen’s room.

On the other hand, some parents don’t have the budget to beautify their teenager’s room extravagantly. Nor should you spend your hard-earned money on furniture, decor, and bedding that has small, long-lasting value and inflated markups. Truly, you can make a spectacular space for your teenager without getting broke all the while – or even without spending a lot of cash at all.

Firstly, you can save money by sticking to the basics. Not all teens need bright colors and kitschy posters overwhelming in their rooms. For teen girls bedroom ideas, something basic and sweet is already enough.

If case you invest in timeless pieces, you’ll have the option to repurpose them over and over, breathing new life and character into them each time. For instance, a great bed frame could suit a younger child too. It only takes a little innovativeness and swapping out highlight pieces and bedding that feel age-appropriate. Finally, when they grow up and need a space that feels grown-up, you can style their bedroom in another manner.


TR Design Group “The” Residential Design Group

This bedroom is a dream come true for a teenage hockey player.


Sand Bar Contractors

A beautiful lovely bedroom with an ocean view.


Pipkin Homes LLC

Need to work within a budget? Why not try building your own.


Merzbau Design Collective

This room is perfect for teenage bookworms!

Designing Teen Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking for teenage bedroom ideas, think about what your teenager enjoys and attempt to envision their space through their eyes. It is much more than just a place to sleep. Your teen’s bedroom is where they can get away from the world of adult demands and regulations. There are just a few locations where an adolescent may fully express themselves, and the bedroom is generally one of them.

Consider trendy bedroom ideas and your teenager’s own style while constructing a teen bedroom. Fun wallpaper and practical furniture are two examples of charming room ideas. Please discuss with your teen how you can allow them to express themselves and have fun in their room.

Teen bedroom designs should reflect their personality.

Teenagers today are fashion-conscious and up to date on the newest trends. They are, nevertheless, divided between childhood and maturity. Most teenagers have treasured toys that they cannot part with, so they search for an older and more sophisticated room than their childhood room.  A teenager will love seeing their room as a tiny, self-contained apartment where they may spend the majority of their time comfortably.

A teen’s bedroom, regardless of size, must be adaptable enough for them to stretch out and complete homework, hang out with friends, lounge, and sleep, all while representing their personality. Teen bedroom designs should contain age-appropriate functions as well as a consistent appearance. While adults enjoy a peaceful and modest environment, teens generally choose colorful, high-energy spaces.

Create a multi-purpose space that is both useful and attractive.

A teenager’s room is more than simply a place to sleep. Having a space where kids can hang out, study, and lounge with friends is almost as essential as sleep when they begin to explore their independence. And the social component of teen room design is important. According to a poll of worldwide teens, the most essential item a teenager would add to their room is a picture of themselves with their friends. Collaborate with your teenager to incorporate the following areas into their room in a unique way:

A comfortable sleeping areaPersonalized study spaceA place to hang together with pals

If your teen’s bedroom is small, think outside the box to satisfy their multi-purpose room demands.

This is an image roundup post, curated to showcase and promote other reputable contracting companies’ and their amazing work.  To have any of the images removed, please reach out to us and we would be happy to do so.

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32 Floating Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Featured Image Source: Nonagon Style

If you are renovating your kitchen, we are here to help you with DIY kitchen floating shelving ideas. Open shelving kitchen ideas have become designers’ favorite nowadays. Thanks to Marie Kondo — and the ongoing trend to eliminate clutter. Ultimately, wall-mounted cabinets that hanged above countertops are now taking the back seat because of this simple and straightforward approach to store your kitchenware.

There are many various options and styles when it comes to DIY kitchen shelving ideas. The shelf material can be a reclaimed or rough cut wood, glass, wood boards, or modern and smooth surface. In addition, shelves can lay on a wall bracket or be floating shelves. A few people simply take the door off their kitchen cabinets and show that as open shelves.

.fusion-fullwidth.fusion-builder-row-70 { overflow:visible; }


Sason Builders

Look how exquisite those shelves are!


Nest Revisions Home Staging

Custom-made open shelving is reinforced with 3/4″ plywood to ensure the shelves are supported.


Samuel Design Group

These wooden shelves, along with the brackets, add character to this kitchen.


Lind Nelson Construction Inc.

The glass shelves may look delicate and fragile, but it adds a ton of sophistication in this kitchen.


General Assembly

These open shelving kitchen ideas are mounted on steel brackets can support and showcase your dishes.


.Jennison Interiors

The shelves & brackets, together with the glazed brick tile from Cle Tile, are simply gorgeous.

Most designers will likely say to you that open shelves and kitchens are an incredible match. All things considered, open shelves are efficient for both storing and showing items off. In the kitchen, they let you keep things convenient so you don’t need to continue opening and closing cabinets each time you need to utilize them. Additionally, they maintain an extraordinarily airy and open vibe which is something to be thankful for, particularly in rooms that have bunches of appliances and furniture.


Solitude Homes

Your kitchen will look way more chic with these wooden shelves.


Sunstone Interiors

If you don’t want detraction from the focal point of your kitchen, stick with minimal shelvings.


New Generation Home Improvements

Less is more with these wooden shelves. With enough open spaces, they look clean and organized even if the shelves are exposed.


Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

This tier shelf from America Retold is stunning!

dvantages Of Open Shelves In The Kitchen

The truth is — new cabinets are expensive. Thus, if you’re longing for a new look for your old kitchen, shelves can be the idea and cheaper solution. With a strict spending plan as a top priority, we have kitchen pantry shelving ideas that changed dull, moist kitchen into a brilliant and airy one.

Next is, it is more flexible. In all honesty, shelving ideas for kitchen are something that you can slip your way into easily. Firstly, start by removing your cabinet doors. This will enable you to check whether the open-shelving thing works for you. In case it does, you may then supplant your cupboards with genuine open shelves.


Teri Lyn Fisher

Don’t be afraid to showcase your supplies with these charming shelves.


Martins Camisuli Architects

Make your shelves fun and functional with these kitchen pantry shelving ideas.


Golden Design

Mixing in decor pieces like books and vases to your shelves will make it more fun.


Paul Craig Photography

Inspired by a working kitchen, prepare to get busy preparing food with this kitchen.

The next advantage is you can try to do a combination. Even if you’re sure you need to attempt shelving ideas for kitchen, you don’t need to make all the storage in your kitchen open. Meanwhile, consider trying a mix of open shelving and shut cabinets for flexibility of storage options. Moreover, you can keep a couple of cabinets to keep things neat and utilize open shelving for the remainder of your space.

Also, kitchen wall shelving ideas help you to keep things neat. In case you’re searching for an implicit, training-wheel kitchen arrangement to help guarantee that you remain organized, then open shelving may be a smart idea. Hence, you need to focus on keeping things neat so you can avoid having your kitchen resemble a chaotic situation.

Finally, open racking is an incredible alternative for collectors. In other words, regardless of whether you collect serving pieces, glassware, china patterns, vintage mugs, salt and pepper shakers, or anything in between, you’re ready to show off all of the things in your collection effectively with open shelves.


The Couture Rooms

We will never get tired of a blue and white color combination.


Trevor Brown Architect

Minimalist never looked so gorgeous. We love the overall feel of this kitchen.


Peppertree Kitchen & Bath

Open shelves amplify the calm and relaxed feel of this kitchen.


Designs by Craig Veenker

Everything in this kitchen is all kind of flash, so tone it down with plain shelves.

How To Pull Off Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Above all, open kitchen shelving ideas are a viable method to open up your kitchen while increasing extra available space, making them an undeniably usual choice in the modern kitchen. Be that as it may, picking open shelvings rather than shut cabinets makes it all the more difficult to keep dishes and different supplies out of sight. Read on to find out about kitchen wall shelving ideas done right, and how you can ensure your kitchen will wind up spotless, upscale, and functional.


Samuel Design Group

Can you believe this is an old house? The shelves with illuminated light are perfect for this kitchen.


Sunset Builders of South West Florida, Inc.

The blue wall tiles with white open shelving kitchen ideas are the bomb!


102 Interiors Ltd

We love how simple and clean this kitchen looks!


Green Apple Design

If you’ve got an intricate wall like this, show it off by having floating shelves instead of cabinets.

When in doubt, put things that you usually use on the lower shelves (dishes and bowls, glasses, and so on), and things you seldom use on the higher shelves. After that, a little bit of common sense can go a long way when it comes to organizing kitchen shelves, and it will enable you to keep everything effectively accessible and looking extraordinary. Meanwhile, make sure to group similar items. Have a couple of cups in succession as opposed to rotating dishes everywhere.

While it’s simple to store several rows of stacked dishes in cabinets, it’s practically difficult to do the same on narrow open shelving. In short, tt will resemble a mess in case you attempt it. For open kitchen shelving ideas, maintain your rows singular, and stack upward for an increasingly slick and sorted out look.


Loop Design

The colors and the patterns on this kitchen are insanely gorgeous.


Erotas Custom Building

This ivory white kitchen looks stunning!


labama Sawyer

Have storage and decor in one by displaying your favorite kitchenware.


Kelley & Company Home

A rod bracket within the shelf makes these skinny shelves sturdy.

Tips For Clutter-Free Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Spare your smaller dishes and supplies for in-pantry storage. In case you put an excessive number of little things out on open kitchen shelving ideas, they will mix together and start looking chaotic. However, bigger dishes, cutting sheets, and small appliances are a lot simpler to show and won’t get messy right away.

Food products are usually ensured to clutter up open shelves, so it’s ideal to keep them somewhere else. Buy a spice rack as opposed to storing spices on these shelves. After that, put the boxes and packages back in the pantry. Meanwhile, you can place the fruit on its usual bowl. Obviously, there are special cases — a great tea tin or a variety of coordinating holders for nuts, flour, and so forth, can look excellent on open shelves, though it might require some planning.


my Lau Design

Suspended shelves are the answer if you don’t want to block those awesome greens by the window.


Tom Howley

We are all in for light and airy kitchens like this one.


Lucy McLintic

Minimal, but insanely chic and gorgeous!


Justrich Design

If you don’t have enough space, you can put your appliance in one of your shelves.

In case you don’t have anything other than ceramic cups and bowls on your shelves, consider mixing it up a bit. Certainly, open shelving is an incredible spot to store glass and wooden dishes and utensils. Exchanging materials can also give your shelves an innovative, sorted out look when done effectively.

Suppose that you do have some mess on your open kitchen shelving ideas, and you can’t keep it tidy. For instance, a potential arrangement is organizing your shelving out into segments. Keep one area for all your cookbooks, for instance, while utilizing another portion to store espresso supplies, etc. When done effectively, this can transform the mess into a relaxed chic look perfect for smaller kitchens.


Domus Nova

Organize your dish wares and spices with these awesome shelves.



Transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary real quick with these shelves & decorative brackets.

DIY: How To Replace Old Cabinets With Open Shelving

If you want to replace your existing bulky cabinets with open shelves, read on!

In case you have a lot of storage in your kitchen already but need to spice up the appearance of your kitchen, open shelving is your answer. Certainly, you can replace upper cabinets shelving in only a couple of days with a companion.

After cleaning the cabinets, use a utility knife or other cutting blade to score any caulked creases between the cabinets and the walls. Subsequently, expel any decorative molding, which should pop off by hand after scoring. Moreover, in case there is any hard-wired lighting or other electrical installations fastened to the cabinets, shut off the electricity to that area by means of the electrical switch. Cautiously get rid of the fixtures and cap off any wires with fitting electrical caps. If you’re not confident with electrical work, contact a certified electrician for fast and safe removal.

While a partner supports the heaviness of the cabinets, utilize a drill or screwdriver to expel any screws keeping the cabinets to the walls. Finally, these screws might be situated over and inside the cabinets.

Fill the openings from the cabinet screws utilizing a putty knife and spackle or joint compound. For little holes, you can use spackle. If the walls are not so great, joint compound and a wall patch kit or fiberglass tape is the best approach. When the spackle or joint compound is totally dry, gently sand it and paint the wall in the preferred color. Lastly, give the paint enough time to dry totally.

DIY: How To Install Open Kitchen Shelving

First, identify the ideal length of the shelves utilizing a measuring tape. Measure and put markings on the 1×12 sheets, and cut the shelves to length using a circular saw or sliding miter saw. After that, delicately sand any unpleasant edges, and paint or stain the shelves if preferred. Enable them to dry totally. Likewise, you can actually save time by measuring and cutting the shelves before painting the walls, so the shelves and wall can dry simultaneously.

Find the studs in the walls utilizing a stud finder — this is the place the shelf brackets will go. One bracket for every stud will guarantee solid shelving. Next, put marks on the studs at the ideal height. If you have three shelves high, for instance, a 14-inch vertical spacing is perfect.

Place the brackets to the wall where the stud markings are located (a level will help guarantee legitimate vertical arrangement), and mark the holes for the screws. Meanwhile, the number and spot for the screw holes will rely upon the bracket.

Pre-drill screw gaps utilizing a 7/64″ drill bit. Most importantly, when drilling, make sure that you’ve penetrated with a stud. If the bit goes in effortlessly and creates just drywall dust, recheck your stud area and drill once more. Subsequently, apply spackle and paint to any mistaken holes. Note that depending on the position of your shelves, you may need to drill into your backsplash for the lower brackets. Utilize a drill that is appropriate for your backsplash material.

Install the brackets to the wall with 2-1/2″ constructions screws and a drill equipped with a Phillips-head. After you introduce a line of brackets, ensure flat arrangement with a level.

Finally, position the readied boards on the brackets, and secure the shelves to the brackets from underneath with ½” wood screws.

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30 Outdoor Patio LED & Bistro String Lights Ideas

Featured Image Source: Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

It is not surprising that outdoor string lights are picking up momentum in patio and outdoor decor. String lights add an illuminated glow that is warm and welcoming – ideal for open-air entertaining on summer evenings. Moreover, they’re lightweight, convenient, and simple to hang. Also, there are solar string lights that run without electricity so that you can set the lights anywhere in the patio. Read on for a total rundown of our string lighting ideas for the patio, deck, porch, and beyond

If you can’t get over those delightful bistro lights sparkling in an outdoor party you just attended, it’s time to have your own! Firstly, utilize bistro lights to enrich your porch, terrace, or outside space to give these spots a fabulous makeover. Besides, outdoor or patio string lights are extremely a fantastic idea to light up your outside areas. They are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your outdoor living space. Just follow your creative instincts. Most importantly, they are cheap and can be introduced effectively without anyone else’s input.

.fusion-fullwidth.fusion-builder-row-1 { overflow:visible; }


Chelsea Design + Construction

Transform your barbecue patio nights with these whimsical string lights.


Native Son Design Studio

These are Medium Base String Light from Partylights.com.


ccents Lighting

The addition of LED string lights outdoor makes this urban space instantly gorgeous at night.


brett zamore design

A simple dinner or barbecue night on this backyard will become extraordinary because of the beautiful ambiance the string lights provide.


Yardscapes Northwest

You and your loved ones will have great night conversations here with the fire pit and string lights on.


Pedersen Associates

Invite your friends over and get cozy with this awesome front yard with lovely LED string lights outdoor.

Outdoor patio lighting is an interesting subject since all the typical alternatives like pendant lamps and chandelier don’t generally apply here. Thus, you need an alternate strategy to give brightening to open spaces, gardens, decks, patios, and other outside zones. As a result, bistro lights are surprisingly great at that. Moreover, they’re also flexible and versatile, which means you can make some extremely marvelous design themes with them.


The Cousins

Paper lanterns + string lights = magical nights on this beach style deck.


Hanomoco Design

Make your dinners extra special with this romantically lit exterior patio.


Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architect

A fire pit, a barbecue and dining area — everything you need for a fun night with friends and family is here.


Nick Noyes Architecture

The owner hand made the table and strung up holiday bulbs — how cool is that?

Make Your Backyard Ready For Summer Nights With String Lights

Lovely summer evenings implore you to spend the night in your patio under the stars. You can without much of a stretch—and reasonably—overhaul your outdoor space just by including a couple of strands of bistro lights. Certainly, the comfortable vibe will have you and your family dining outdoors each day of the season.

Summer is a period for bringing enchantment out of the generally ordinary and enjoying a touch of whimsical feel. With those long, pleasant night times and the coming of companions anxious to open a bottle of wine under the stars, the outdoor patio is your probable hangout.

On the other hand, what’s a better approach to offer that previously mentioned enchantment than porch lighting fit for an endless summer of magic? Since they are simple, inexpensive, and easily accessible, bistro lights are the designer’s go-to. Certainly, these subtle adornments can give any space an instant mesmerizing beauty.

Above all, the best part is that there are probably endless varieties of string lights. From Edison bulbs to bobbing Chinese lanterns, basic or extravagant, the lights you string over your porch represent your inner summer soul. Ultimately, this means you are someone who knows how to entertain, as well as enjoy the glorious glow of string light installations.

Longer days and hotter evenings require a particular type of calm and quiet. Summer is the point at which the mood of the world backs off, and delights in things winter brutally denies.



Such a cozy and inviting space for family and friends.


Distinguished Pools

This tropical patio is perfect for drinks and barbecue at home.


Lindsay Hunter Design

Candlelit dinner outside? Put the string lights on for a lovely evening with your family.


Otto Architects LLC

The vintage-style bulbs make this patio incredibly stunning.

How To Plan Your String Light Installation

How about we start with a couple of tips for hanging outdoor string lights. Firstly, in case you intend to hang various strings and crisscross them, it may be simpler to do this if you take out the bulbs first. Before hanging your lights, you should search around and recognize any trees and existing surfaces that you can tie down them to. In addition, you ought to also mull over the power source. Do whatever it takes not to overthink this procedure. Typically, the least complicated arrangement is also the best. Meanwhile, read on to get more tips on how to hang patio string lights.

Initially, you need to measure your space. The initial step to an impeccable porch light plan is ensuring you know the dimensions of your space. After that, we prescribe drawing a rough sketch of the region where you intend to hang your lights and writing the measurements on your sketch for reference that you can use later. Moreover, this sketch will prove to be useful when you pick your hanging style, which we will talk about further in the following section. Also, part of what makes patio string lights so engaging is the regular curve formed by the strings. To ensure you have enough length to represent the swag in your light strings, include 2 – 6 feet of length to your estimations and buy strings that concur with those final numbers.

Finally, choose how you will hang your outdoor string lights. You can get inspiration from the list we provided below for your outdoor patio string lights. In addition, event spaces, café porches, and public squares are zones where you can find them in an assortment of styles and structures.


Casa Smith Designs, LLC

Have some fun entertainment outdoor with this gorgeous Mediterranean patio.


Linn Gresham Haute Decor

Give an old house a quick makeover by adding string lights and a few pieces of furniture.


Nanette Wong

Even this small space looks charming with table and string lights.


Lawlor Architects

This patio is perfect for romantic evenings with your loved one.

Most Popular Patterns And Hanging Styles Of String Lights

The V-Pattern

The v-pattern is a flexible choice for any space. The pattern is genuinely simple to accomplish and doesn’t require same string lengths on two sides to look great. Most importantly, remember that the apex point of the V, where each side intersects bears the heaviness of the whole light string and ought to be tied down adequately to support the extra weight.

Square Or Grid

Hang porch lights in straight lines over the length and width of your area to make a grid, or make it simple by outlining only the edge of your space in a square shape.

X-Pattern Outdoor Lights

This pattern works particularly well in large spaces or zones that are square-shaped. In case you have many light strings, drape a few X’s in a row to make a diamond pattern. Above all, the outcome is a light show that seems elaborate but is very simple to accomplish!


Promised Path Landscaping Inc

Host small parties with this backyard with a lot of potentials.


UIC Homes

Lounging by the pool under the string lights is perfect for your nightcaps.


The Fire Place Ltd

Create memories that will last forever on this exquisite patio.


Flores Artscape

Transform your backyard by adding string lights, plants, chairs, & table.

Zig Zag Or “W”

Zig Zag designs are a fun option when you need to include total illumination over your space but want a fascinating light structure. Meanwhile, this can be accomplished with one long light string or using various strings linked from end to end.

The Horizon Point

The horizon point design is like the V pattern wherein the light strings all meet at one point and fan out. On the other hand, the only difference is this structure requires more hanging areas opposite the focal horizon point.

Tent Or Maypole Design

The tent or maypole configuration includes different light strings secured in a spoke and wheel arrangement from one central point. This point, regularly either a post or shaft, should be solid enough to support the heaviness of various light strings and may need the help of a professional.


vgzarquitectura y diseño sc

Relax after a long day at work on this contemporary deck.


KGA Studio Architects, PC

This patio is ready to enchant you with beautiful bricks and string lights.


CAM Construction

This delightful farmhouse patio makes outdoor dining more enjoyable.


Est Est, Inc.

Evening conversations are engaging with this magnificent patio.

Other Creative Ways to Hang String Lights Outdoors

Under An Umbrella

Although you need not bother with an umbrella for shade around evening time, they do give an excellent spot to include some shining string lights. You can primarily string the lights around the edge of the umbrella, or for an additional pretty impact, line the inner area of the umbrella by following the seams of the umbrella.

Around A Tree

Wrapping trees with string lights is another incredible method to add some radiance into your outdoor area. Besides, you can keep things straightforward and wrap only one tree, or go wild and wrap various trees on your property. Attempt to stay with white lights to keep the look rich. Moreover, when the tree is wrapped, you can utilize the strings to hand extra components like signs, accents, or decor.

In A Gazebo

In case you have a gazebo or any shaded outdoor structure, you can utilize string lights to enhance it further. Firstly, you can try fixing the border of the structure with lights, or do a mix of edge and crisscross strings of light. Finally, based upon the type of your gazebo, you can utilize string lights both over the roof and on the sides of it.

On A Balcony

You don’t need to have a huge space to put some string lights. Interestingly, they work even on a small balcony. You can drape the lights along the balcony wall, or string them up around the roof of your balcony. In addition, you could also utilize them to outline your yard entrance by hanging them all around.


SHM Architects

Day time or night time, these string lights are splendid!


Kim Rooney Landscape Architecture

The alluring flowers, together with the bulbs, make this outdoor space extra glamorous!


Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

The addition of string lights makes this patio exquisitely beautiful.


Designscapes Colorado Inc.

Have your friends over for a fun and relaxing night.

Most Common Types of Outdoor String Lights

LED Festoon Lights

These LED string lights outdoor are an extraordinary addition to any garden or patio, explicitly due to their sentimental and fantastic appeal. Additionally, they wonderfully make an inviting vibe when installed from a roof or hung around a dining or seating region.

Vintage String Lights

Do you want to give a rustic feel to your backyard or patio? Certainly, vintage string lights are your best bet. Also called Edison bulb lights, these string lights have remained to hold its distinctive and enchanting appearance for decades.

Lantern String Lights

With lantern string lights, you get the chance to make a one-of-a-kind lighting experience that is surreal. These lights seem like conventional paper lanterns but are produced using tarpaulin – a sturdy fabric-like material that can endure most seasons, even winters.

Colorful String Lights

Colorful and bright string lights are most common during holiday seasons like Christmas or Easter. Similarly, in case any of these unique events are approaching, feel free to invest in these string lights and welcome the happy occasion in your own stylish manner.

How To Choose The Best String Lights

The nice weather necessitates more time spent outside. Invest in ambient outdoor lights to keep the party going beyond the night. String lights in the garden or on a patio can lighten up a place and make warm nights more pleasant and festive.

String lights are available in a variety of designs, bulb kinds, and colors. Continue reading to learn about essential purchasing considerations and why the following selections represent some of the best outdoor string lights to level up your outdoor environment.

A single string light set may transform your outside area, whether you connect it to the railing of your balcony or deck or hang it beneath your cantilever umbrella or new pergola. They’re popular for summer weddings and showers, but brightening up your garden doesn’t require a special event. You may spend long peaceful evenings with friends and family beneath string lights, eating meals, and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. Read on for our favorite picks, whether you’re searching for a simple and beautiful set with frosted globes or antique bulbs or festive palm trees or pineapples for a party.

What To Consider

You might be shocked at how much information you need to know when purchasing outdoor string lights. Decide whether you want incandescent or LED lights after calculating the distance you need to cover. If there isn’t an available outlet and you don’t want to deal with an extension cable, a solar- or battery-powered set is your best choice. When a single set isn’t enough, you’ll want the option of an end-to-end connection, but keep in mind the maximum wattage and the number of sets that may be linked together.

Next, consider the number of lights per strand—and how far apart they are set, which can range from several inches to three feet or more. Finally, consider aesthetics: Cords are available in various colors, and bulbs range from vintage-style Edison to frosted globes to novelty, all made of glass or “shatterless” plastic.

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